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Welt im Film 16/1945

01 Pacific: In the struggle with the Typhoon warships on the sea. High waves hit overboard. Sailors take advantage with buckets of water from the ship. High seas. Destruction on the deck of the ship. A sailor fights on the deck with the storm. The[…]
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Welt im Film 22/1945

. Shield, large, military Government. Schmeling leaves the Court and Board his car. Onlookers. He departs. (29 m) 9 Tokyo - Japanese surrender the battle ship Missouri at sea. General Mac Arthur goes aboard a destroyer. General Mainwright, the hero of
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Welt im Film 25/1945

in Tokyo. Emperor Hirohito visited destruction and studied a map. Doctors treat patients. General Tojo Gets a blood transfusion. General Tojo on the hospital bed asleep. The blood transfusion device size. (69 m) 03 Munich - opening of the sign board
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Welt im Film 34/1946

of people (total). A truck with Russian soldiers and flowers. Wave. People reach the hands of the soldiers Goodbye (half total). REIT (30 m) 13-funny - and fall tournament tab to move into the stadium by Tokyo (total). Spectators in the stadium (half
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Welt im Film 55/1946

total). The force on the rope (half total). Somersault of an artist. Pyramid on the rope (total). before court Tojo and other political leaders of Japan's go (50 m) 03 Tokyo - Tojo to negotiate (total). The courtroom (total). Tojo (large). The judges are
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Welt im Film 81/1946

Hirohito on the Parliament elected by the people. Emperor Hirohito read a personal message from the members of the Parliament in the Reichstag building to Tokyo and puts the new Constitution into force. In front of the building, tens of thousands welcome
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Welt im Film 86/1947

. 07. back racing in Tokyo: the Japanese Derby in Tokyo comes gradually normal life back in gear and racing in trot. To the first race after the war 50,000 racing - and betting fun viewers flocked... Whether I on Lotus fragrance set?" Right, the far
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Welt im Film 103/1947

man is thrown high on the jump mat. Spectators with fur hats, great. The race sled dogs. The winner with his dogs, half-close. (23 m) b. Tokyo: Emperor Hirohito at football game and garden party Hirohito enters the stadium. Total football. Viewers call
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Welt im Film 107/1947

awareness brought to have." Luise Schröder goes to the lectern, great. Carlo Schmid as speakers, half-close. Heinrich Lübke as speakers, half-close. The participant clapping. (53 m) 06 pictures from all over the world a. Tokyo: police raid traffic in the
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Welt im Film 141/1948

of Mahatma Gandhi + Gandhi gets out of car and goes between Lord and Lady Mountbatten. Gandhi traveled through India. Gandhi standing, half-close. (19 m) b. Tokyo: war crimes charges in the courtroom. The main culprit Tojo on arrival. The former Prime
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Welt im Film 142/1948

and Jetsam also Japan knows the problem of the refugees and the homeless. Tokyo's most beautiful railway station, once the pride of the Japanese capital, is now at day and night accommodation and Hostel of many thousands of homeless. They are located
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Welt im Film 163/1948

the Wiesbaden canoe club. Four paddlers. Winner canoe club Rhine brueder, Karlsruhe. (23 m) b. Tokyo: coincides with the "Grand Prix of Tokyo" Japanese sit on the steps of the stadium with betting slips. Crowd. Race. Folks at betting counters at
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Welt im Film 188/1948

: Zoological research station snakes, cats and mice next to each other. Snake around the neck of the cat. (20 m) c. Tokyo: children's Orchestra Japanese children's Orchestra plays the Yankee Doodle with harmonica, drums and whistles. (24 m)
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Welt im Film 192/1949

-close. Van Wagoner presented the Chairman of the Broadcasting Council of the Bavarian, Alois Johannes lamina and the Director, Rudolf von Scholz license certificates. (16 m) 03 Tokyo: Tojo to death sentenced meeting room. Judges table. Tojo in the dock. Tojo
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Welt im Film 221/1949

, screen-filling. Referee separates Boxer. Hucks attacks. Among the spectators Hans Söhnker, big. Judgment draw after 12 rounds. (34 m) b. Tokyo: swimming Festival Emperor Hirohito and Empress upon arrival. Hirohito and Empress on grandstand. 1500 m
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Welt im Film 261/1950

01. the funeral of Gelsenkirchen Headframe and flag to half-mast. Coffins of the 77 dead of the mine disaster by firedamp. Heuss holds the funeral oration, total. The bereaved. Funeral procession runs through the city. Bergmann with pit lamp with[…]
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Welt im Film 292/1951

01 Korea: The evacuation of Hamhung UN troops clean bridgehead. UN troops go aboard troop transports. Ship convoy. General Walker will be awarded by Syngman Rhee. General MacArthur in Tokyo farewell to General Walker after accidental death on a
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Welt im Film 309/1951

1st picture report from the far East as Tokyo: General Ridgway takes over command that took U.S. troops. Troupe presented General Ridgway. Ridgway is out front. (14 m) b. Korea: In the fight against the red offensive U.S. tanks to retreat across the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 91/1951

, earrings, tiaras, brooches. (15 m) 06. Pakistan: funeral of murdered Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan laying out of Liaquat killed by an assassin Ali Khan. People parade on the stretcher past. (12 m) 07 Tokyo: Japanese Kriegsbeschädigter demonstration drives
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 98/1951

, even to attend Truman in holiday clothes for Korea Conference sitting at desk and receives courier-post. Truman sitting in Garden under palm trees. 03. Tokyo: Ratification of the peace treaty by the House of Lords procession with lanterns. House of
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