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Welt im Film 67/1946

(short). (33 m) 02 images from all over the world (72 m) a. Transjordan (King Abdullah) Palace. Horseman in front of the Palace. Sitting King Abdullah receives his ministers. The border town of Petra. Camel riders come from Fort and riding through canyons
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Welt im Film 109/1947

archway. Looking through a Gothic arch on the city. (49 m) 05. images from all over the world a. Transjordan: Parade for the anniversary of the unification of the Arab countries, King Abdullah is a parade. Soldiers on camels, horses. Marching troops
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Welt im Film 159/1948

. The Foreign Minister Moshe Shertok moving through crowd. Map of Palestine - Egypt. King Faruk of Egypt and King Ibn Saud of Arabia in advance of troop formation. King Abdullah of Transjordan, half-close. Marching Arab troops. Jewish troops in Haifa
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