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Welt im Film 16/1945

. Pilgrims, soldiers and children on horses. Soldiers leave a ship in the port of Travemünde and go to the release post. They March with rucksacks through the village. Allies (69 m) surrendered 09 Japan - crash world domination plan London celebrates the
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Welt im Film 111/1947

spectators, half-close. Firefighters spray with hoses. Jump in the jump mat. Fire ladder is extended. Fireman climbs ladder and bring man from the roof of a high-rise building. Demonstration of sparkling clear. Children play in the foam. (36 m) d. Travemünde:
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Welt im Film 176/1948

. Bremen: Hotel ship gurnard guests at the reception, in the dining room and walking on deck. (16 m) b. Travemünde: Hotel ship Kilwa guests go on deck about Jetty. (5 m) c. Hamburg: Hotel ship Seute Dahir the Seute Dahir at the port. People go aboard. Views
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Welt im Film 308/1951

10th minute, Frankfurt which 0 Darmstadt shoots 1: shoots compensation. Boys on the sidelines waving flags. Goalkeeper keeps. (28 m) b. Berlin and Travemünde: training Tiger Jones and Hein ten Hoff Tiger Jones boxes the Sandbag and skipping. Hein ten
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 177/1953

- Ridgway. (31 m) 03 Travemünde: the Swedish ferry Drottning Victoria in Travemünde on the occasion of the Nordic week comes the Swedish ferry Drottning Victoria for the first time to Travemünde. People waving by UFER. Children stand behind a barrier rope
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 345/1956

. Sisters. Faces of listeners. Cardinal Frings gives the blessing (o). Adenauer blesses oneself. Bell Rings. People filling picture. 04. Lübeck: Nordic days cityscape Lübeck with Holsten and patrician houses. Run the Drottning Victoria in Travemünde with
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 346/1956

01 Cairo: Suez negotiations without results - asked guide handshake of the Australian Prime Minister, Manzies with Nasser and Egyptian politicians after inconclusive negotiations. Pilots guide ships through the Kiel Canal. Federal Government[…]
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UFA-Wochenschau 45/1957

. Cleaning the paintings after the transport. Restorers repair damage. 09 Hamburg-Travemünde vintage car race start of vintage cars. Several cars on the tracks. Man pushes and POPs open. Arrival at the Travemünde Casino. In cooler by Perry, glass of
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UFA-Wochenschau 160/1959

girls. (20 m) 15. Travemünde week start in the stiff breeze from Travemünde of Findingis and pirates, dragon boats and flying Dutchmen. Boat of the ex-world champion Rolf Mulka with his before SCHOTT man Ingo von Bredow. Boats are hard on the wind. (30 m
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UFA-Wochenschau 266/1961

for the Finn dinghies in Travemünde allow two long shots from the Marina, preparations for the regatta, as poles and boats for water. Kick-off, starting, turning, in between demonstrates Willi cow pasture twice, capsizing and righting his Finn
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UFA-Wochenschau 309/1962

The ideal of beauty 01 Travemünde. "Miss Germany in 1962". -Swimmers descend stairs such beach promenade, one jumps from bridge into the waters of hint. seen close behind jumper on boiling water, bildf., and. Lady in stripped. Swimsuit shows up
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UFA-Wochenschau 322/1962

throughout. 09th Travemünde. Int. Fencing tournament. Fencer opts for mask, large. Foil fight of two women, among other things in slow motion. Room with Fechtbahnen, total. Jens gold Sabre: Tim Gerresheim. in slow motion, lächlnd shake after battle. the
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 696/1963

Travemünde. Miss Germany pageant. -Fingernail is lacquered, big, eye brush draws eyeliner, great. T. women's powder her cheek, big (face i. Det.), unt. Face match of a Lady b. lip colouring, big, bachvantiep each m. intermediate cutting. Spectator b
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UFA-Wochenschau 373/1963

01 Cadenabbia. In the end. Holiday of Adenauer as Bu. -Kanzler (see also ZL). -Once. A. with hat in hand walk, dead. + close. Villa C. hint. Trees, half total. A. lagging, Garden Gate group comes to him waving, while women's i. Htrgr. greeting[…]
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UFA-Wochenschau 406/1964

slalom gates. A driver falls off the boat and being aborted. Woman who fell in the water next to the boat. 05. Beach in Travemünde. Empty beach. Guards sweep up debris. Beach chairs are taken. Bulldozer moves between beach chairs through to smooth the
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 749/1964

towers of Notre. 03. DLRG exercise in Travemünde. A young man looks through a pair of binoculars (great). A rowing boat on the Baltic Sea overturning (total). Run DLRG swimmers to the beach. A swimmer jumps off the boat into the water. (half total
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 766/1964

01 fall to the army. Behind tree branches empty Beach (Titaluntergrund). Empty beach chairs are available in a series. Jetty with sign "Rides in Lake with motor and sailing boats". Teacher foot au sea. Masts of sailboats. Sailing boats in the[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 774/1964

01 King Hussein at de Gaulle. That took guard outside the Elysee Palace. (total). de Gaulle (total) goes against King Hussein. Guard presents Saber (big). de Gaulle and Hussein in a Chair sitting (half close) de Gaulle alone, half close, Hussein,[…]
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UFA-Dabei 626/1968

. Finished House. (21 m) 5th United States: VW plastic body for VW buggy VW radiator. Plastic body. Car drives through terrain and on the beach. (20 m) 6th Travemünde: Marlen Charell it comes at night their finest hour image: close-up Marlene Charell Marlene
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 966/1968

winner of Roberts / Belgium. 08th Travemünde: Arrival of the Atlantic sailor ocean going yacht in the wind. Offshore yachts at sea. You are in the wind. Driving past the lighthouse at the port of Travemünde. The Dutch yacht Stormvogel with the only
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