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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 197/1953

01 Tunisia: war graves in Africa ship chimney, large. Flying Seagulls. Relatives of fallen soldiers of the former Afrika Korps at crossing from Marseille to Africa. Panoramic view from porthole of the vessel to the coast of Africa. Passengers leave
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Welt im Bild 129/1954

of Maizuru go back to Japan. Scenes of joy on arrival. 06. Algeria and Tunisia: Surrender of rebels in Algeria make French soldiers prisoner and browse ringleader. In Tunisia, weapons are delivered after amnesty offer. Gun and ammunition filling
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Welt im Bild 196/1956

. Adenauer is kindly greeted by people. Adenauer in the circle of young people. 04. Tunisia: The French Foreign Minister Pinneau end of French protectorate and the Tunisian Prime Minister Tahar ben Ammar sign Treaty of independence for Tunisia. The holding
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UFA-Wochenschau 171/1959

, transport. Tram runs. Marching soldiers. Memorial of the merger of the Egyptian and Syrian armies. Female soldiers March. Flower wreaths are worn. (23 m) 03. Tunisia: President Bourgiba grape Festival which greets vintage Bourgiba cheered out of an open car
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UFA-Wochenschau 269/1961

in other places of the Earth, so ancient plagues such as the drought to become, in Tunisia, farmers shoulder their medieval devices to move against the desert field. A narrow trough full of water means here all the treasures of this earth. Lifebloom
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UFA-Dabei 694/1969

01. the rain avalanche, flood disaster in Tunisia aerial photos of flooded area. People in the water. Broken bridge. Banks destroyed, walls and bridges. Men in clean-up work to remove the mud. Driving scenes: Streets full of mud and water. Flooded
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El Mundo al Instante 374/1969

Reflejos del Mundo 01. When the big rains came... In Tunisia, the heaviest downpour of the century caused a tsunami that flooded large parts of the country. 02. the reception of German Chancellor Willy Brandt received the foreign diplomats
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UFA-Dabei 703/1970

01 Willy Brandt in Tunisia Brandt, followed by Mrs Rut Brandt gets out of aircraft. You will be welcomed. Rut Brandt, laughing, great. Some neutral street scenes from Tunis. Reception with Foreign Minister Bourbuiba junior and Minister Ladgham, all
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UFA-Dabei 752/1970

. Camel driver, close. Camel head, large. Several settings of Moorish buildings. Kairouan / Tunisia. Seth Sahab mosque, various settings. Prayer rugs and parked shoes on the floor, swivel to sedentary Muslims. City of Gafsa, total and detail shots of
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UFA-Dabei 830/1972

01-Brussels: Football European Championship semi-final: Germany - Belgium 2-1; Final: Germany - USSR 3:0 viewers German flags swing. The German players in training jackets on the square among other Günter Netzer, large, Gerd Müller, great. Shot on[…]
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