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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 768/1964

motorcade through the city (total). Queen Elisabeth is beckoning people in evening dress to a reception (half close). 02. de Gaulle in Argentina and Uruguay. de Gaulle in the midst of the crowd in Buenos Aires. Police officers try to repress the people. de
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 769/1964

01 China - Moscow - the fall of Khrushchev. Atomic bomb (stand copying) Khrushchev (large) State copying. Harold Wilson (large, stand copying). Mao Tse Tung goes between people and takes off his jacket. Choo en Lai digging with a shovel. Chinese[…]
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with the Mayor of Santiago. Mayor Orden pins Brandt. Brandt speaks interview (Spanish) Brandt enters helicopter. Helicopter flies. Argentina Brandt Brandt cuts Ribbon at opening of a German book show. Brandt did on the Ausstelluhg. Brandt in Uruguay
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Tagebuch einer Reise

. Soldiers in period uniforms, great. Brandt in conversation with the President of argentnischen. Brandt in helicopters. Helicopter rises and flies over Buenos Aires. Balloon. Brandt opened German Buchausstelluhg. He cuts through the band. Uruguay: Loading
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