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Welt im Bild 30/1953

dress for entry into the White House. 04. people are elections in Venezuela in long queues before polling in Carracas. Voters dip thumb in black liquid and make impression behind the name of their candidate on the list. The newly elected President
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Welt im Bild 76/1953

making meeting of Foreign Ministers of the 4 major powers in Berlin). Berlin: control building. Flags of the occupying powers 4. Cameramen sitting waiting in front of Allied Control Council building. 02. Caracas: Construction in Venezuela swivel above
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 203/1953

buildings in the world. (9 m 07) Venezuela: building a road President Jiminez inaugurates the road from La Guaira to Caracas, and cuts through the band. Jimenez and many people go across the street. Drive by modern road tunnel. Aerial view of Caracas. (18 m
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UFA-Wochenschau 79/1958

world. Demonstration of a Chilean dance. (42 m) 05. Venezuela: military revolt rushes to General Perez Jiminez who beckons rulers Perez Jiminez in uniform people and decreases parade. (13 m) 6th Karachi: Coronation of Prince Karim to the Aga Kahn IV
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UFA-Dabei 766/1971

densely crowded crowds with banners. Burning car on the road. Several water cannon in use. Protesters in the water jet. Burning cars, total. Several settings of the destruction and the dirty streets. 02. Venezuela and Colombia: State visit by Federal
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Deutschlandspiegel 200/1971

on the road. 03. Heinemann in South America Venezuela: Lufthansa Boeing at the airport of Caracas. Gustav Heinemann at the airfield on a small podium. Music Chapel plays. Heinemann alongside President Rafael Caldera, half-close. Hilda Heinemann in
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