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Welt im Film 26/1945

feet of a player and catches the ball. Delivery of the goalkeeper. Game scenes, far. Result 1:0 for Wales. Vienna: motorcycles from the start. The Starter reduces the starting flag. The riders push the machine and leave. Viewers on the edge of the road
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Welt im Film 27/1945

) 07 Vienna - elementary school on new ways of plate on the door 1 public school. The door opens. A teacher gives English lessons. Children speak English, O sound. A little girl, big. A girl says English poem, O sound. A child shows pictures with the
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Welt im Film 28/1945

visitors. Application of evening dresses. The dome of the St. Stephen's Cathedral, bomb damage to the Opera today (33 m) 09 Vienna. The town hall with branded out roof truss, the Urania, the Castle Theater facade with bomb damage, the blasted Danube Canal
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Welt im Film 30/1945

, guardians of the towers (beaf eaters) in historical uniforms March, half total. The car of the Lord Mayor. He's getting out, half total. (35 m) 04 Austria selects released recording from Vienna, half totally vague. Large paper rolls are rolled in a House
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Welt im Film 32/1945

certificate, great. (43 m) 03 football - international competition in Vienna the teams run spectators, half the total, half total. Pan of the French team, half total, Austrian Elf, half total. The leader of the game To give the hand, half total. The stadium
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Welt im Film 33/1945

machine, great. Filling in boxes mechanical, half total. The boxes get half total, friction surfaces. Workers Pack boxes, half total. Matchboxes, great. Hand lit match, great. (59 m) 06. sing the Vienna Boys Choir "Ave verum" Vienna - St. Stephen
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Welt im Film 45/1946

were felled wood-free routes to win and to put a locks before the forward raging flames. As the fire was finally contained. 04. sports in Vienna met Austria and Switzerland to an international competition in the ball. (Switzerland with a white cross
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Welt im Film 49/1946

1 Hoover in Warsaw and Vienna aircraft after landing (large). Streets of Warsaw (total), Hoover (half total). Polish children (large). Hoover goes through the rubble of the city (total). Polish woman with headscarf (large). Hoover speaks with the
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Welt im Film 57/1946

) 08. From Vienna to WELS - Spanish riding school the lipizzaner horses of the Spanish riding school on the pasture (half total). In the Mare a foal (dark) drink (half total). Demonstration of the riding school (total). Colonel Podhajsky, alone (total
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Welt im Film 59/1946

01 American press visit in Germany running a plane (half total). General Müller welcomes American journalists at the airport in Munich (total). The journalists in an exhibition (total). Map of Bavaria (total). Camera (large) with sign "World in[…]
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Welt im Film 60/1946

). A boy crawls naked (half total) through the sand. People make a beach basket (half total). Evening mood at the Sea (total). (56 m) 07 pictures from all over the world title (4 m) (114 m) a. Tatoo, Vienna onslaught of Scottish Dudelsackpfeiffer in
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Welt im Film 62/1946

01 Minister Hynd in Vienna and Hamburg aircraft cockpit and rotating propeller, great. Minister Hynd, head of the British control Office for Germany and Austria, gets off the plane in Vienna. Lieutenant-General Steele, he is welcomed by the English
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Welt im Film 76/1946

presented licenses to German Publisher, total. Editor in Chief Curt Frenzel thanks in a speech, totally. General Mac cuter is the Telegraph in activity, half-close. (26 m) c. Albert Bassermann in Vienna the locomotive of the Arlbergexpresses drives in the
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Welt im Film 84/1947

) Vienna: Ballet School (the Vienna Opera??) 4 little girls on the training wall. Student exercises before mirror. Training the older students and the master class. Dance performance. (56 m)
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Welt im Film 88/1947

Colliery in Dortmund, great. Construction site with mountain homes. Cars with UK stander. (22 m) b. Lieutenant-General Geoffrey Keyes is Commander in Chief of the American armed forces in Austria train station in Vienna. 15s presents. General Keyes leaves
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Welt im Film 90/1947

Franz Schubert bust of Franz Schubert, great. Defined shield: Schubert Museum of the city of Vienna in Schubert's birthplace. The birth House, total. Sign over the door: Franz Schubert's birthplace. Room of the House with wings and pictures. Man will
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Welt im Film 92/1947

01 England battling cold and snow high pile of snow houses. Man shovels free entrance. Narrow path between big mounds of snow. Rails Wilder to. Soldiers to clear rails. Soldiers when the wood in the forest. Barge with coal on the water. Barge[…]
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Welt im Film 93/1947

of Berlin, Dr. Ostrowski, welcomed the returnees, totally. Embrace of relatives. Returnees and their families at the train station, close to half. b. Vienna: return from Shanghai train is at the station Wien-Meidling. Mayor Dr. grains welcomes the
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Welt im Film 98/1947

on the beach. Falls. Man waving target banner. The winner, Jonny Spikular, Milwaukee, laughing, great. (23 m) 06. The Lenz is - an image gallery from Vienna organ grinder (voiced by Ilse Werner) moves through the streets. Children walk behind him
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Welt im Film 100/1947

01 100 times world goes in the film King George of England in addition to Queen Elizabeth, half-close. Soccer team arrives. Indians. The Capitol. Typewriter. Newspaper. Hand writes on a typewriter. Corporate archery world in the film into the[…]
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