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Welt im Film 31/1945

of your face and drink wine from a large glass, half total. (61 m) 06. two sport - 1 dynamic football 2nd hockey out of mothballs the stadium in Wales, half total. The football teams from Cardiff and Dynamo Moscow, half the total. The Cardiff team
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 76/1951

the square in front of the Tempelhof field. Among the present High Commissioners including Mac cloy and Mrs. At the lectern Federal Minister Emperor. Unveiling of the monument. Mrs. Mac cloy and Ernst Reuter lay flowers. (20 m) 03 Wales: international
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 144/1952

the athletes hold. Heuss during the handing-over of the silver Laurel on Edgar Basel, Marga Petersen, Mary of Sanders, Werner Lueg, Herbert Schade, Herbert Klein, Fritz Thiedemann. 03. Wales: The dam inaugurated dam by Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 987/1968

Year in review Mexico 68 aerial photographs of Mexico City. Dense traffic on broad Street. Mexicans and people on the street. The Olympic flame is lit. Starter is launching pad. Short-distance runners start and run ZL. Win a colorful runner.[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 988/1968

eating camel meat. Head of camel, great. Man eats. Parrot in a cage, large. Man cuts elephant's trunk. Elephants in enclosures. Feeding. Snake crawls. Cooking cuts snake. Old woman eats, great. Alligator crawling. 04. Wales: Queen Elizabeth opened
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UFA-Dabei 666/1969

to understand, what the Welsh say about his forthcoming investiture as "Prince of Wales": a Royal travesty from the attic of the history. Again, England celebrates a naval hero. Now Robin Knox-Johnston returned to Chichester and rose on his Ketch
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1012/1969

through his work and his fellow power on the overall result." Kiesinger as audience, great. 02. Cardiff: Prince Charles is off front of troops at Regiment in Wales Charles in uniform. Charles, laughing, half close, speaks with soldiers. Charles passed as
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 1015/1969

-close. Handshake Pompidou - Brandt. Brandt leaves the House. Departure by car. 02. Wales: Investiture of Prince Charles Castle Court. Elizabeth II. standing. Prince Charles goes to them and kneel down. Elizabeth is Charles Crown on. You kill him coat. Lord Snowdon
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UFA-Dabei 676/1969

screen-filling. 04. Wales: Investiture of Prince Charles the Prince of Wales breakdown from ZL 1015 / 2 - same section. Castle courtyard. Elizabeth II. standing. Prince Charles goes to them and kneel down. Elizabeth is Charles Crown on. You kill him coat
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