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Deutschlandspiegel 315/1980

Brandenburg Gate. Frankfurt Cathedral, Swiss mountains. (41 m) 4th beer University Weihenstephan on base rests, large stone lion. Technical University of Munich - branch. Treatise on portal of the former monastery Weihenstephan. Paintings of the monastery
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Deutschlandspiegel 332/1982

01 girls 'saw a boy stand... a little sing Goethe in Frankfurt - 150th death anniversary of Goethe's at ceremony "Frankfurt: barrel column with poster of Goethe events." Transformer. Showcase with Goethe books. Goethe monument. Goethe's birthplace[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 351/1983

. Colombia - Mali - Nicaragua - sales pitches for imported goods. Williamsburg, Virginia: On Economic Summit the representatives of developed countries of Reagan, Kohl, Mitterand, Thatcher, Reagan's lectern, original sound. (62 m) 05. Weihenstephan: Beer
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