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Welt im Film 51/1946

swastikas) Wertheim Baden (half total). Women at work in the fields (half total). Settlement of refugees (total). Men work in ruins (total). Horse-drawn and tractor at work on the box (total). The plough behind the tractors (large). A farmer sows (large
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Welt im Film 145/1948

State opening of Parliament in Colombo is self-employed with the Duke of Gloucester, totally. The flag of Ceylon is hoisted. (23 m) c. Niagara falls in the snow the Niagara falls in the snow, great. (12 m) 5th Wertheim / main: 100 years of gymnastics
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Deutschlandspiegel 340/1983

milled slot. Start. Skeleton racer on icy track. Race pictures. Athletes in the prone position to control the sled by weight changes. ZL recordings. (46 m) 08-US plot: Wertheim, Bavaria: U.S. soldiers in a German community of U.S. soldiers of the Peden
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Deutschlandspiegel 341/1983

01 fisheries research views from fisheries research ship on stormy seas. Control cabin. Networks are obtained. Fish are examined according to size and condition. Weighing in buckets. Location on map is determined. German fisheries research ship[…]
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