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Welt im Film 72/1946

of today who To want to recapture their youth. Rolf Meyer directs here. The film plays to the great deal on the Weser, Charles Harbour to the sea. The camera on a raft. Main actors are Karl Raddatz, Fritz Wagner, Peter-Tim sadula, Renate Schacht, Eva
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Welt im Film 76/1946

edertal dam reconstruction again commissioned the edertal dam, originally, built to raise the water level of the river Weser, was in May 1943 by an English air mine demolished. Through the 70 meters wide and 30 meters deep hole in the wall, crashed
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Welt im Film 171/1948

clippings. Moorland between the Weser and aller. Search teams search box. Observation post on the tree and high chair. Perniciously Wolf. Wolf teeth, big. Farmer who killed Wolf, receives a bouquet of flowers. Wolf will be removed. (28 m) b. German nurses in
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Welt im Film 188/1948

1 Bremen: tobacco varieties, which were delivered from America check tobacco for the Bizone tobacco Inspector. Barrels of vessels are loaded with bales of tobacco. Crane with barrels. Big tobacco bales. Men and workers smoking cigarettes. (28 m)[…]
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Welt im Film 193/1949

01. the Earth trembles aerial photos of Marie islands of a Mexican penal colony in the Pacific. People carry furniture out of House. Earthquake. Houses to collapse. People run on the road. Prisoners hold art treasures from devastated Church after[…]
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