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Welt im Film 60/1946

total). The site is marked with a sign "K" (half total). A car labeled "Potato beetle fight" (half total). Men spray poison (total). Special vehicles (total) spray poison on the fields. (39 m) 6th image report from Westerland (total) does train by the
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Welt im Film 215/1949

. Burning buildings. Fire at delete. Meisel, large, Brigitte Horney, large, Victor Stahl, great. Flames and billows of smoke. Deletion attempts. (52 m) 5th season on the Lake of Westerland: painters at work at Kurhaus. Cleaners clean Windows. Beach chairs
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Welt im Film 219/1949

. (33 m) 6th Westerland: fashion show at the Beach Spa concert on the beach. Beach full of beach chairs. Mannequins show off long summer dresses. Three quarter pants. Long robe and striped swimsuit. Colorful printed Beach shirt. Girl running into the
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