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Welt im Bild 142/1955

Fütterer won with a new world record in 6.5 sec. Award ceremony, great. (47 m) 09 Heinz Neuhaus and Hein ten Hoff in the training camp Iserlohn: Heinz Neuhaus in training at the jump rope. Sparringskampf with Günter Nuremberg. Westerwald: Hein ten Hoff in
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Deutschlandspiegel 392/1987

Seas paintings by Gauguin: Bust of the life companion of Max Klinger. (47 m) 06. The Doll Maker of the Westerwald the Westerwald in the snow. The village of Oberelsach with half-timbered houses. Dolls in quantities. Doll Maker organizes seminars for the
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