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Welt im Film 11/1945

BB´s Hilfswerk in Europe Wetzlar. Foreign workers walk out of camp and gymnastics in the yard (weight). You talk in groups. UNRRA vehicles to be repaired. Vegetables is unloaded from a truck. Women cleaning vegetables and peel potatoes. Large cooking
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Welt im Film 44/1946

industry under construction - Buderus - Wetzlar worker on the way to work (total). Blast furnace (large). Commissioning of the first blast furnace at Buderus Wetzlar. Lieutenant-Colonel White is the blast furnace (half total). Representatives of the
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Welt im Film 56/1946

). Briquettes on current bands (half total). Briquettes on Lorries (half total). (33 m) b. Leitz Wetzlar Leitz Wetzlar works works (total). Facade. Factory (total) with workers and workers of optical devices. A worker at the microscope (half total). Microscopes
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Welt im Film 223/1949

scholars. Professor Hahn, great at ceremony. Wetzlar: solid performance in the open-air theatre of "Egmont". Frankfurt: Festival meeting in St. Paul's Church. Albert Schweizer, great. Dr. Grimme speech holds. Bust of Goethe and signature. (83 m) 02 updates
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Welt im Film 301/1951

in the theatre" in the NWDR. (26 m) b. Wetzlar: 80th birthday of Ernst Leitz Leitz works. Fixed Assembly. Professor Heuss sits next to Ernst Leitz. Heuss congratulates Leitz. (8 m) c. Wuppertal: 50 years Schwebebahn monorail runs through Wuppertal
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Welt im Film 330/1951

them. When someone comes, he throws them down. (32 m) 5th sport a. Wetzlar's marathon runners at the start and run. Walking through rows of spectators. Runners on the track. Turning point. Dutch Nr. 6 van der Zande leads and goes first through the
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UFA-Dabei 992/1975

the city: Wetzlar, the old and free imperial city. Here the modern photography was born Oskar Barnack designed the first camera of the world in the works of Leitz. He has linked the film advance of camera with a focal-plane shutter device, the famous
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Deutschlandspiegel 250/1975

transmitted to the train. Entrance of the train station. Train stops. Departure by train. Waving. 05. 50 years camera Leica photographer stands with large old plate camera in the Greens. Cityscape Wetzlar. DOM on slate-covered roofs. Black and white: Photo of
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