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Welt im Film 163/1948

commander, Colonel Howley. General Clay, immediately. British planes at airport of Wunstorf near Hannover. General Robertson visited loading of food US aircraft to Rhein Main airport in Frankfurt. Bags and boxes are loaded. Plane taking off. Flying aircraft
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Welt im Film 177/1948

1st people read newspaper "The evening" freedom of Berlin on the road. Magazine rack on the suburban. VW's roll Wunstorf near Hanover to aircraft on the station and will be shipped to Berlin. Mayor Dr. Friedesburg speaks out on the airfield of
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 716/1963

, front tent of the command staff, soldiers single dead cows ground go soldiers group in long series i. single file on the scree along, total and close, close. Once, destroyed houses. -02 Wunstorf. Farewell parade for Dr. Adenauer. -Column, Adenauer with
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UFA-Dabei 838/1972

. Damaged caravans and tents. Ambulance runs. Vacationers are looking for in the rubble. Destroyed cars. Woman is carried on stretcher. 04. Wunstorf: International air race aircraft on the airfield. Car is transported on hangers. Assembly of the cars. Items
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Deutschlandspiegel 374/1985

01 Frankfurt: International Motor Show steering wheel, headlight, Mercedes radiator, BMW 325 i. faces of men in changing the cut with Mercedes star, BMW, car headlights, wheel hub. Poster 85. IAA visitors in the exhibition. Stand Mercedes Benz.[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 371/1985

designed. Drawing Office. Color samples. Textiles from Textile Museum 5 centuries. Chic dressed Lady fitting and on road. (67 m) 03 German armed forces fighting against hunger driven cargo transport plane at the military airport of Wunstorf. Crew boards the
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