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Welt im Film 25/1945

. Returning ship Corfu is waving received in Southampton. Soldiers leave the ship via gangway and be welcomed by women. (62 m) 05th Germany - ski lessons on the southern mountain panorama of the Zugspitze. American soldiers in ski school. Slow Stemmbogen. The
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Welt im Film 30/1945

01. the Nuremberg trials - 2nd picture report from the courtroom In the courtroom rise those present at the entrance of the judge and sit back, half total. The dock with the accused, half total. Bottom row from right: tray, Funk, Streicher, Frick,[…]
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Welt im Film 79/1946

people with pit helmet and miner's lamps. Change of shift. Miners come out of the pit. Cage goes down. Smoking Chimney, front flue of a passing locomotive. (64 m) 06 ski premiere on the Zugspitze mountain in the snow. Ladies in the slalom. The men
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Welt im Film 125/1947

flowers, large, goes into his house, total, on the desk in front of globe, great. (22 m) 03. The tallest building of in Germany - Munich Haus on the Zugspitze massif of the Zugspitze. The Zugspitze railway station and off train. The Schneefernerhaus, total
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Welt im Film 132/1947

training on the Zugspitze Zugspitze in the snow. Mountain landscape. Cable car. Members of the Hungarian Olympic team in training. The Austrian team coach. Thaddäus Schwabl, great. Hannelore Zückert, at the door. Hans Nogler at the door. Skier in the
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Welt im Film 161/1948

Zugspitze: artistry in 3000 m altitude artist Camilla Mayer force goes beyond cable that runs from the Western Summit of the Zugspitze to the station of the cable car. He's going backwards, rope enough looking forward is not. Rope is readjusted. Artist goes
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Welt im Film 184/1948

and running. Game in ZL. Viewers cheer. (36 m) b. Zugspitze: Eröffnungsslalom different runners. Run by Erika Maringer, Austria. You may crash. Annemarie Buchner Fischer, Germany WINS with 67.6 sec. Annemarie Buchner Fischer is congratulated. Heli
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Welt im Film 228/1949

lottery of the Northwest German radio Cologne. c. Zugspitze artists every now and again on the rope above the Valley of hell! These artists take the stroll across the abyss of the Zugspitze on a 1 1/2 inches strong rope, 1200 meters above the Earth. A
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Welt im Film 236/1949

01 Zugspitze: The ski's big premiere special slalom: runners on the track. MIRL Buchner, Germany, close to half. Erika Mahringer, Austria, half-close. It wins Erika Mahringer. Special slalom men: Sepp Gantner, Germany, comes as best German to fourth
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 36/1950

the Zugspitze with visitors. Weather measurements. Panoramic view over the Alps. (29 m) 10 Celle Stallion parade demonstration of stallions on the lunge. Riding demonstration. Rode, standing on two horses. With horse team, eight trains and 13 horses
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Welt im Film 279/1950

01 UN troops at the 038. latitude: Republic Korea released moving tanks. Prisoners go with your hands. Aerial view of Seoul. American transport machines with war material and troops on the airfield. Troops get out of aircraft. Population waving to[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 95/1951

jumper jump over small jump. Sepp Bradl interview with Sepp Weilder. Zugspitze: Training of Austrian women's Olympic team. Olympic champion Erika Mahringer in the downhill. Dagmar Rom runs. Practicing slalom run with defined goals. Veteran Heli Lantscher
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Welt im Film 339/1951

exhibition hall at the radio tower. Excited spectator. Santana will Borondo after 90 seconds knocked out referee counts. Borondo is run by aides in his corner. (34 m) c. Zugspitze: Skibob chairlift. Bob driver slide bobs. Skiers ride on Skibikes. The
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 138/1952

machines. Newspaper headlines. 06. Zugspitze: Handover of the Schneeferner glacier House in German hands the Zugspitze. The German flag is hoisted to the Schneeferner glacier House. Sign of the seizure by the US Army as a recreation hotel will be removed
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 143/1952

: professional dance tournament "Grand Prix of Germany" couples dancing the Waltz. Dancing feet, tall. Winning pair Finck / Berlin, dancing Waltz. Audience clapping. 08. the first skier skiers with skis on the Zugspitze wait on the Zugspitze railway. Look at the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 149/1952

Zugspitze snow mountains: Crow before the Schneeferner glacier House. Mannequin jacket with hood. Mannequin with Southwest Hat hat. Mannequin in ski suit builds a snowman. There are mannequins around the snowman. In ski dress at the reception of the House
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 184/1953

Zugspitze on the Hölle Valley artists on the rope balance. Standing on your head on the rope between the Alpine peaks. Lie down with the legs upwards. Motorcycle ride down depends on artist on frame on the rope, with the foot above the abyss. Alfredo Traber
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Welt im Bild 58/1953

. Roadblocks. 08th Traber troop on the Zugspitze motorbike ride on the rope. Below is artist to frame. Triple somersault with a motorcycle on the rope. Proceed to the opposite peak and reception with a bouquet of flowers. 09th Timmendorfer Strand: fin
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Welt im Bild 61/1953

1st how do I choose ballot CDU, SPD, FDP, no party affiliation. Table stands and explains the election process and delivery of the voices in the left column for the candidates in the right column for the party. 02. unrest in Tehran street[…]
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Welt im Bild 64/1953

1st air show of Farnborough in the grounds of the air show. New Victor bomber. Large transport aircraft to transport hunters. Flying double helicopter flying railway for passenger traffic. Triangle-Jet volcano. Flying Bristol Brittania, 4[…]
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