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Der erste Schritt

Letter of a French student at a German politician in which she presented him the cross of merit of her father's. Back glare to the 1914-1918 war, Verdun, battle fields, cemetery. Works, a German coal mine with outdated equipment, the coal problem,[…]
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Das Bundesschätzchen

"A love story, not only, turns it to passion, but also the love money." - (lovers) "1950, 340-350,000 homes have been completed, it can accommodate 1.5 million inhabitants, which corresponds to the number of inhabitants of all Hamburg or Munich[…]
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Ein Mann wirbt für sein Volk (Langfassung)

Airport mania. Farewell, members of Government, datunter Vice Chancellor Blücher and the High Commissioner Contant goodbye Dr. Adenauer, who boards the plane with his daughter Lotte Adenauer. Le Havre. Quick steamer of United States, Adenauer and[…]
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Mit fremden Augen gesehen 1954

German exports after the war. In 1945, images by the German economy and its recovery, travel an American business delegation and journalists by Germany, visit of the Degussa works in Frankfurt am Main, the Hessian State Theatre in Wiesbaden, wine[…]
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Reporter aus Leidenschaft 1954

Film about the ethics and everyday work of the newsreel cameraman. The topicality is obliged, he respects State secrets and the privacy of citizens. -Cameramen at work: on the roof of the newsreel car passing, railway bridge, Horst Grund at[…]
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Israel, Staat der Hoffnung

Fishing with nets and simple wooden boat on the beach of the sea of Galilee. Tel Aviv: Established "45 years" ago. Immigration to Palestine: Zionist, refugees. Traffic control; Street scene from Tel Aviv, close-up of immigrants from different[…]
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Besuch beim Pfauenthron 1957

Visit of the German Chancellor Adenauer at the Shah of Persia and the lavish reception by the Shah. Flying above the clouds, view from the airplane on mountains. In the plane of Adenauer in conversation with his daughter Libet walls. The flight[…]
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Besuch des Vertrauens 1959

Airport Cologne-Bonn, 26.8.1959 Chancellor Dr. Adenauer welcomed the members of the Federal Cabinet, appeared to receive the American President: including gap, eckardt, Erhard, by Brentano, Strauß, Schröder, barley, Seebohm. For the first time, a[…]
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