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Welt im Film 7/1945

garlands. Benesch travels through the city, cheering and waving. (115 m) 02. Found American soldiers carry deportees artworks art treasures from a cave by forest. Paintings and sculptures are loaded on trucks and train. American expert checks documents
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Welt im Film 9/1945

Beethoven am 17. Dezember 1770 geboren. Nun ist hierher die Sammlung, die für alle Musikfreunde so viel bedeutet, zurückgekehrt. 08. Ziviler Einsatz von Motorfahrzeugen In allen Städten werden Motorfahrzeuge aller Art repariert und für den wichtigsten
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Welt im Film 21/1945

and moves off the front. The flags of the four occupying powers blow on high masts. The four Allied leaders stand side by side in front of the building of the former people's Court on a staircase. return (36 m) 02 France - art treasures to the Louvre
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Welt im Film 23/1945

1st Munich - glockenspiel turns again Munich town hall tower. Swing down. Front of the Town Hall. People on the Town Hall square. Crane during reconstruction work. Rotating figure dance of the Carillon. The tournament and the Safi dance. Panoramic[…]
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Welt im Film 33/1945

bridge for traffic. 11. Art of fashion thaught in University Los Angeles University is the first to introduce lectures and practical exercises for fashion designing into the student's curriculum. As a fitting prelude to this new branche of "science", a
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Welt im Film 38/1946

total). (28 m) 03 Hamburg - country art school opens National Arts school opened. Art students working on sculptures (some close-ups). Nude model in the art class. Potter (large). Making a vase (large). Girl at the spinning wheel (half total) and on the
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Welt im Film 42/1946

German museums and scattered in the country. The American occupation authorities have created several collection points where this homeless art treasures will receive expert care and careful storage for the German Museum Collections. Landesmuseum
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Welt im Film 55/1946

-atlantic sea war - it is now on an errand of mercy. 02. News flashes from Germany a. Export Exhibition in Munich The Bavarian export exhibition - the first after the war - was opened in the "House of Art" in Munich. Bavarian artists as well as industries of
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Welt im Film 68/1946

1 Hannover: Lower Saxony show "Planning and creation 1946" font: "Lower Saxony show - planning and creative work". People go over the exhibition building. Men show a machine to the recycling of rubble stones. A boy goes on a diesel small[…]
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Welt im Film 70/1946

Fingerbreite müssen Halt geben - dann ist die Unfallstelle erreicht. Die Bergwacht hat einen neuen Abseilsitz konstruiert, in dem der Retter den Verletzten in einer Art Rucksack auf dem Rücken trägt. Der Abseilsitz kann mit dem üblichen Klettergerät - Karabiner
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Welt im Film 77/1946

activity and bustle unfolds. The old folk art of home is once again work and bread. In this camp on a cooperative basis, the refugees are employed whenever possible in their previous careers. While these women here sewing gloves, woollen knit or death, are
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Welt im Film 90/1947

consummate art of self defense Judo is Judo - a form of JIU-jitsu. In Salzburg, Vienna and Salzburg faced in a match. Vienna's Judo fighters won 5: 0 points. Concluded two champions finished youth show in a battle: Professor stain, Olympic champion Franz
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Welt im Film 92/1947

's rising up again as well, and the younger one starts, his chances are greater once to become a master of the white art. And here is Tammie - the youngest conqueror of the promontory. Now the skater - young and older practices and rehearses: pirouettes and
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Welt im Film 94/1947

the river Rhine. Demolition of the ice. Pan across the bridge from the old bridge debris. (22 m) b. Hamburg: painting exhibition at the Kunsthalle art gallery, total. Men wear painting at the Kunsthalle. People go through painting exhibition. Painting
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Welt im Film 95/1947

sitting next to ice. Eels are pulled out. Home of the sled, total. (25 m) d. Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Munich Castle home Hausen at Dachau, total. Students go to the stairwell. The art class. Students in the lithographic printing. Remove the blade
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Welt im Film 97/1947

sculptor Veit shock, who long lived in Krakow, had suffered through transport and storage. In painstakingly artists deal with the recovery of this important creation of late Gothic wood carving art of the 15th century. After completion of the altar is To
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Welt im Film 99/1947

new star of world format: Barbara Ann Scott from Canada, the world champion in the art. You're dethroned a Sonja Henie, their jumps, spins and dances unmatched.-the Queen of the ice was celebrated in Paris, stormy. The reception in her hometown of
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Welt im Film 104/1947

the field of use and art porcelain combines named Nymphenburg Palace. During the war the factory suffered heavy damage. However, the treasure of the model and the technical equipment were rescued. The production could be resumed again. The entire
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Welt im Film 123/1947

skill a trophy for the winner. 04. sports: a. art gymnastics competition on the open-air stage in Northeim, southern Germany and Northern Germany fought a match in artistic gymnastics, which was considered at the same time a German Championship. The
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Welt im Film 129/1947

table. (21 m) c. Berlin: art exhibition in the former Armory swivel about the Armory. People go through exhibition. Sculpture of the crucified from a church of Naumburg. "Pulpit BRACKET" Öhringen from the 16th century. The wood-carved altar in the
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