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Messter-Woche 1915

1 subtitles: Parade in front of Enver Pasha. Image: Onslaught of Turkish army units on a place, various military branches; Officers in the interview with Enver Pasha. 2. subheads: Awakening of a camel caravan with things for German troops on the[…]
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Mackensens Siegeszug durch die Dobrudscha

Card trick of Dobruja with a representation of the history of the operations of the German, Bulgarian and Turkish troops; Advance of the associations from the Bulgarian border to Constanta and Galati. 1 subtitles: Turnovo, the last Bulgarian[…]
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Der Kaiser bei unseren türkischen Verbündeten

I part: 1 subtitles: image: military chapel at the train station of Sirketschi railway station of Constantinople, a train. 2. subheads: Image: welcome Kaiser Wilhelm II., by Sultan Mehmed v and war Minister Enver Pasha. 3. subtitles: Image:[…]
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