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Oesel genommen

1. part 1 subtitles: embarkation of troops in Libau. Image: troop carrier in the port of Libau. 2. subtitles: The troop transport ships await their use. Image: troop carrier in the port of Libau. 3. subtitles: torpedo boat flotillas. Image: VI.[…]
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Der erste Friedensvertrag des Weltkrieges

Insert: "Brest-Litowsk, 9 February 1918 today, on February 9, 2: 00 a.m., the peace between the four federal and the Ukrainian people's Republic has been signed." W.T.B." Delegates of the central powers in the Conference Hall (long settings);[…]
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Die baltische Hafenstadt Reval

In the inner harbour: the camera runs on a boat through the whole port and is a very impressive picture; continue to a column will be shown along with an Angel on it (monument to a lost Russian warship); In the old town: Look in de Kök (cannon[…]
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