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Welt im Film 26/1945

arrives surrounded by bodyguards to the baseball fight Washington against St. Louis in his car in the stadium. Truman is waving to the stands. He writes his name on the ball and throws it. Scenes from the game, unclear. Crowded ranks. Truman drinking from
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Welt im Film 60/1946

station with walking high signal (total). A train in the picture is (totally). (30 m) b. baseball - training Berlin school children teenagers in the uniform on a sports ground (total). Shield: "US Army Air Force Tempelhof Athletic Field" (large). Boy with
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Welt im Film 80/1946

champion in the light heavyweight when chipping. The Egyptians Fayad, second in the featherweight when chipping, half-close. Spectators, half-close. (23 m) b. United States: baseball - championship: St. Louis - Boston baseball game scenes, close to half and
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Welt im Bild 119/1954

. Dog barks from accompanying boat. Dieter König WINS. 09 New York. Baseball World Championship: New York Giants - Cleveland Indians 5-3 exciting gameplay footage. Audience jump up and clap. 10 Dortmund: 100 km team race in the Westphalia Hall the
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 378/1957

opens baseball season Eisenhower has been greeted in Stadium. Cameramen. Eisenhower welcomed baseball players, and he throws the ball on the playing field. Eisenhower as a spectator half close. Game. 06. Colombia: Expedition to Indian villages canoeing
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UFA-Wochenschau 48/1957

, the Queen of the previous year, ceded the title and Opal Crown of the new Miss Germany. The modern high-performance sport requires athletes in the training camp of powerful athletes. The training of a Japanese College baseball team is extremely hard
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 507/1959

spectator. (70 m) 07. Los Angeles: baseball Los Angeles Dodgens - Chicago White Fox in Stadium 100000 viewers. Camera pan over Giants Stadium full of people. Game scenes with bats, catchers and runners. (24 m) 08 Salzburg: Preberschießen - shoot on mirror
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 795/1965

. baseball stadium in Houston Stadium, total. Dome of the stadium. Audience inside, totally. Baseball players, total. 05. England: Alarm at the victory bomber fleet, which are equipped with Blue Steel missiles victory bomber at the airfield. Blue Steel
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UFA-Dabei 924/1974

transplanted into a bleak high-rise settlement. 03. United States: Beep ball (baseball) for blind children breakdown off El Mundo 595/1 - same section. Various shots of the game of blind children. Blind children through baseball. Manufacture of balls. Each
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Deutschlandspiegel 345/1983

Jonathan women club. International American school with 60% American students. Negro children in language laboratory. Ecumenical Church. God service. Sports field with baseball game. (57 m)
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