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Welt im Film 140/1948

drilling for natural gas. Laying of pipelines. Welder during welding of pipes. Tarring and wrap the pipes. (25 m) b. Vienna: birth of a Lama in the Zoo of Schönbrunn small spotted Lama, great. Lama mother and Cub. (14 m) c. United States: Basketball player
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Welt im Film 196/1949

championships start, the toboggan sled, steerable sled. Slides in curves. Luger crashes. (18 m) b. United States: basketball University in St. Louis - long Iceland at Madison Square Garden - game scenes. Shot from above. Goal throw. Viewers. Game scenes in ZL
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Welt im Film 204/1949

steelworks of the Ruhr area. 03. basket ball - like never basketball in perfection - these two American teams show that on an arcade game in Chicago. The Negro team, Harlem Globetrotters, mastered the technique of playing to and deceiving with almost
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Welt im Film 237/1949

on stretcher. (8 m) b. United States: the golden horses horses run. Buggy horses. Award ceremony. (22 m) c. Paris: Kleinstauto boy drive in Kleinstauto in traffic. Boy cries in dense traffic. (17 m) 05. Munich: basketball MTSV Schwabing - BC Lausanne
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Welt im Film 243/1950

Bremen HJ works. Elegant and with all kinds of technical innovations. Chrome glistening off-road - a floating pleasure for car Professor and auto enthusiasts. 06. a phenomenal team: Virtuoso of the ball here it is again, the famous basketball Negro team
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Welt im Film 252/1950

01 sport a. Vancouver: Canadian Championships in the curling men at the curling. Teams return to the ice when throwing. Discs, large. Winning team with the trophy. (19 m) b. New York: basketball in Madison Square Garden audience cheer teams. Gate
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 20/1950

landing on the shore on the lawn. (14 m) 09 Miami: springboard diver at fun jumps. Rückwärtskopierung. (12 m) 10 Lisbon: Harlem Globetrotters basketball game with the feats of the Harlem Globetrotters. 46 result: 10 (28 m) 11 Nürburgrennen 1950 start of
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Welt im Film 268/1950

. Even a nail Board is still harmless for him: a Fakir under the tires. 06. Now available in Germany! The miracle team of the "Globetrotters" the world-famous basketball team "Haarlem Globetrotters went on tour in Germany. The phenomenal ball artists
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 31/1950

01 food: Protestant Kirchentag 1950 guide poster of the Kirchentag saves the people. Arrival: Heuss and Elly Heuss scarce. Adenauer's arrival. Ringing bells in the Bell Tower. Catchment of the pastors with Dr. Dibelius. Bishop Dibelius speaks.[…]
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Welt im Film 306/1951

freckles, large. HSV player. Shot on goal. (24 m) d. New York: basketball Harlem Globetrotters - college stars play all Americans 65:58 of the Harlem Globetrotters with artistic tricks and win 65:58 (20 m) 5th Aintree Grand National audience total
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Welt im Film 323/1951

-based Prince Regent stadium was flooded - and crowded. Pouring rain disturbed the much acclaimed basketball guests from the United States, nor the stability through audience. You held out and had nothing to be missed. Because what the "Harlem Globetrotters
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Welt im Film 369/1952

Frey received the first prize. The winning baritone won a trip to the United States. 02. the "Globetrotters" are back! The "Harlem Globetrotters" are again on tour. The master artists of the basket-ball showed in Dortmund in a match against a New York
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Welt im Bild 25/1952

at dinner and troop units. Took of UN forces before Eisenhower. (28 m) 07. Barcelona: basketball Spain - US air force 68:49 game and basket throws. Players on the bench. Audience clapping. (20 m) 8 Madrid: football Spain - Argentina 0-1 shot on the
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Welt im Bild 60/1953

01 Copenhagen: Rowing - Championships Copenhagen's cityscape. Road transport. Many cyclists. Fountain. The landmark of Copenhagen "The Little Mermaid". Rowers from different European countries are next to each other on chairs. Double sculls:[…]
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Welt im Bild 129/1954

impassable roads. Shortly before the finish, sits Fiat at the tip and WINS. Fiat Cup wins. VW driver win the team prize. 11 Munich: Basketball international match Germany - Yugoslavia 39:58 basket litter for Yugoslavia. German team stormed and throws at the
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Welt im Bild 145/1955

on goal with the wheels. (30 m) 8 Berlin: German Basketball Championship: Sportfreunde Neukölln - SC Bayern Munich 59:65 as viewers Mayor Suhr, great. Basket balls on both sides. Audience clapping. Changing gameplay. Throw in the basket. Bayern
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Welt im Bild 147/1955

screw and WINS, great. The 3 winners, great. (18 m) 11 Brussels: basketball Belgium - Germany 69:51 scenes back and forth. Basket toss 12:5 for Belgium. Egyptians of the German team. Audience clapping. (26 m) 12 Pirmasens: German Swimming Championships
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 288/1955

01 Warsaw: world youth meeting Warsaw's cityscape. The Palace of culture and visible consequences of war. Debris from homes. Station. Crowded tram free-rider. Policeman regulates traffic. Religious sculptures. Delegations from 114 countries[…]
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Welt im Bild 187/1956

itself and is hard. Gong beat. Milazzo's in the 5th round. Coach kisses Max Resch. 12 Maryland: Basketball of the dolphins breakdown of new German newsreel 313/8: dolphins elegant swimming in the water, carry the ball in his mouth and be him in
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 313/1956

Bockbiersaison in the Sportpalast German drinking songs. Bauer band playing. Barrel is pierced. Measure of beer. Chicken are roasted on the spit. The Lukas skin woman. Shooting and throwing balls. Dance densely on the dance floor. 08 Maryland: Basketball the
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