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Deutschlandspiegel 167/1968

:09:25) 07 Bauhaus Stuttgart: 50 years Bauhaus - exhibition posters. Photo, visitor viewed items (cube, pyramid, sphere), paintings, visitors to the exhibition. Museum leaders lecture for visitors. Various pictures. Photo of the founder Walter Gropius. Photo
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Deutschlandspiegel 178/1969

of its buildings, including the Pan am building in New York. Photo of the young Gropius, great. Weimar: Photo of the Bauhaus. Various pictures and drawings on the wall, including Paul Klee, Lyonel Feininger, Wassely Kandinsky. Exhibition "50 years
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Deutschlandspiegel 194/1970

Gropius, the founder of the State Bauhaus in Weimar, Dessau later, and world-famous architect built a porcelain factory, which has become an object of study for architects from all over the world the functional aesthetics and organic unity in Selb in
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Deutschlandspiegel 388/1987

Sports Group. Doctor monitors training. The Defribrillator, a device that can intervene in case of emergency heart disorders. Jogging around the Hall. (47 m) 05 West Berlin: Bauhaus Museum Berlin's cityscape. Building of the Bauhaus Museum. Program and
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