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Deutschlandspiegel 50/1958

01 winter Bavaria, snow-covered town 1, skating rink, snow-covered town 2 draw snow-covered landscape, man with two horses, a cars (trucks), loaded with wood, child rolls snow into a ball, Hamburg: snowy River Elbe Beach, girl sitting in a rowing[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 51/1959

01 two teenagers are footbridge teacher Peters a, b, c and a truck passes them, young people with sunglasses to go on camera, jazz band, rock ' n roll dance, boy starts MOFA, youths read comic, Hamburg elementary school: students paint experience[…]
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"Mit Bayern leben ..." Eine Betrachtung zur innerdeutschen Geschichte

Cigarillo-smoking man at the table writes with pen and ink a pendulum clock, a letter, a poodle and a ceramic lion with Bavarian coat of arms, a lion, a four-tier issue of the magazine "Der Spiegel" is hung on a meat hook, the book "Götz von[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 296/1979

01 Hamburg: propeller Foundry tractor pull large freighter. Propeller spins great. Manufacture of propellers in workshop for maximum computer calculation. Casting in the form. Material test. Manufacture of the alloy liquid metal is poured into[…]
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