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Messter-Woche 12/1915

1 subtitles: Italy: Avezzano again blossoms from the ruins of the earthquake... Image: reconstruction work after the earthquake in Avezzano. 2. subtitles:... A farmer who was buried under the rubble for 24 hours. 3. subtitles: Berlin: Princess
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balloon "Munich 4" from the snow also flat amounting to 2600 m. Image: flight preparations on snowman plateau. Start of the balloons and flying through the mountains. 4. subtitles (wahrsch. no longer Emelka): Berlin. Light, air and Sun! Image is missing 5
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Emelka-Wochenschausujet: Abschied von Nofretete 1926

1 subtitles: Farewell to Nefertiti - the highlight of the Berlin Egyptian Museum to go back on the basis of negotiations to Cairo. Image: lateral ones. Recording of the bust of Nefertiti, front view, in the background a mirror/window, here one side
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Phoebus-Opel-Woche 28/1926

Berlin, two trams pass through the image. Links fade to a man who still sits at the desk. The street scene remains visible in the picture right. "Please Autoruf Dönhoff!" appears next to the Lord. Further right, blending two switchboards is sitting at the
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Emelka-Wochenschausujet 1931

1 subtitles: Bernhard Shaw on the exits on the way back from Russia, where he sought to avoid the ovations on the occasion of his 75.Geburtstages, he visited the great Berlin Show image: B.Shaw (née 26.7.1856), companion (wife?), and an actor
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Deutschlandspiegel 1/1954

, including "the" portrait of Andries van Horn "by Frans Hals, Raphael's"resurrection", the self-portrait of the 28-year Rembrandt, Thomas Lawrence's" Fluyder children ", the Gypsy with the mandolin" by Camille Corot. and a Picasso. (53 m) 08 Reichstag Berlin
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Deutschlandspiegel 3/1955

face, took place in Berlin. For the second time since the founding of the Federal Republic, the Federal Assembly convened to elect the Federal President. The counting of the votes revealed an overwhelming majority for the former President, Prof. Theodor
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Deutschlandspiegel 17/1956

Europe Center, visiting Defense Minister Theodor blank. State car reverses. Palais Schaumburg outside. The Italian Prime Minister Antonio Segni, Foreign Minister Gaetano Martino and others in conversation with Konrad Adenauer. Berlin: Sign "Welcome to
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Deutschlandspiegel 18/1956

up level 0. In the greenhouse: plants are carefully maintained. Different flowers large. (31 m, 10:08:00 10:09:10) 07. fashion Berlin: German fashion houses present Freckle. Wide-brimmed hats to narrow dresses. Wide swinging afternoon dress with straß
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Deutschlandspiegel 20/1956

. (42 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:45) 02 1 Mai West Berlin: rally prior to the Schöneberg Town Hall. "The heart is left signs"More teachers as educators",", "free elections yes!". Otto Suhr speaks. Listeners in costume. Signs "Of socialism will triumph!", "Berlin
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Deutschlandspiegel 25/1956

counting of the ballots, congratulation for the new Chairman Willi Richter (member of the Bundestag), Deputy geo ERG Reuter and Bernhard Tacke. (21 m) 05. Berlin week in Bonn Berlin advertising week posters, sitting stuffed bear, fountains with cars and
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Deutschlandspiegel 32/1957

his hands, throwing flowers into barbed wire fence. (25 m, 10:01:05 10:02:00) 03 1. May Berlin - East Berlin: marching military parade with weapons, soldiers and Navy, battalions of the people's army with tanks, spectators clap, plate: boosts the power
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Deutschlandspiegel 33/1957

paper, different images and even a self-portrait, visitors to the three-part altar of 1912 was founded. (79 m, 10: 10:00 10:03:00) 02 June 17 gravestones of victims of the uprising of East Berlin and the Soviet occupation zone: Horst Baker HA, born 16
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Deutschlandspiegel 38/1957

of France, Vincent Auriol, opened the General Assembly of the world front fighter Federation in presence of German President Professor Heuss in Berlin. An exhibition at the radio tower showed schwerkriegsbeschädigter artists and the work opportunities
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Partner der Freiheit 1957

House of representatives Members rise up from their seats and applaud, Adenauer on the lectern (original sound). Ringing peace Bell, Konrad Adenauer Berlin takes part in the funeral ceremony for the victims of the June of 17, at the lectern
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Deutschlandspiegel 40/1958

untailliert, black/white combinations, fashion designer Heinz Oestergard in designing a wedding dress with veil. (24 m, 10:09:05 10:10:00) 10 people, animals, sensations Berlin: circus ring with horses, Acrobat, elephants in the circus ring, Acrobat jumps over
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Deutschlandspiegel 41/1958

with House models, painter Gerhard Hoehme while painting his abstract pictures, face of the great painter, sculptor Theo Heiermann when creating a sculpture, dancer Denise Laumer at the Barre. (38 m, 10:05:45 10:07:10) 04. Brandenburg Gate Berlin: total
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Deutschlandspiegel 43/1958

, 10:05:25 10:07:25) 05. Last US - Reiter Berlin: last Cavalry units of the American army MP helmet riding on barrack square along American flag will be merged, women photographed the scene, horses carried in vans, closes the door of the truck. (19 m
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Deutschlandspiegel 47/1958

Beethoven, University, market activity before the old town hall, Foreign Office, Bonn, view from the balcony over the Rhine, Federal House with visitors. (32 m, 10:08:00 10:09:10) 06 Berlin holiday Berlin. Memorial Church, traffic COP controls the traffic
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Deutschlandspiegel 54/1959

, 50 m, border, visitors at the fence. (16 m, 10:06:15 10:06:55) 05. Berlin - story Zoo, construction site, various street scenes, aerial photos of West Berlin Palace. (21 m, 10:06:45 10:07:40) 06th arts and crafts Studio of the master school for arts
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