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Welt im Film 123/1947

Janders, great trick billiards - takes billiard stick of frame and shows various tricks of the pool. (31 m)
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Welt im Film 151/1948

. Chicago: billiards World Championship world champion Hoppe will play against the champions of South America Novarra. Close-ups of the players. Game. Hoppe WINS. Handshake after the match. (22 m)
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Welt im Film 193/1949

hand under water by belly. Man is irradiated with stiffened spine ultrasound. (51 m) 03 rolling balls a. billiards player August Tiedtke billiards player August Tiedtke billiards game shows. (20 m) b. food: Don Oscarez in the rolling ball young man seen
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Welt im Film 298/1951

. (24 m) c. Frankfurt: Billiards Tournament Walter Luetgehetmann plays. Spectators, half-close. August Wiese plays. Meadow shows billiards tricks. Meeting ball, run the ball between the sticks and bags. (27 m) d. Seattle: U.S. Figure Skating
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Welt im Film 338/1951

fool Iman Emilio Schubert faces gowns, great. Mannequins with evening dresses in front of mirror. Precious dresses are presented. (33 m) c. Amsterdam: billiards - play Championships the billiard table: Kron, France, Siguret, France, Van de Kerckhove
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Welt im Film 342/1951

. billiards Championships in Viersen, the German billiard Championships were held. The final was a tough duel between Lütgehetmann, Frankfurt, and the defending champions August Tiedtke, Düsseldorf. Tiedtke was defeated by his rival. In an impressive style of
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