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Welt im Film 65/1946

- books are passed in a chain and into the House. Bunker as hotel - guests go with suitcases through the door into the bunker. Registration at the reception of the registration form. Hand break registration form. Rooms at the hotel. People in the dining
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Welt im Film 73/1946

distributed the books under clapping the children. Head of big boys. Two girls in the school, great. Children reading, great. Boy Get up and read, half-close. (33 m) b. Dortmund: education week policeman governs at an intersection the traffic, totally. Moped
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Welt im Film 83/1946

". People see in the shop window. Books as display with sign: "Exhibits only". Seller facing empty shelves at the store. Ernst Rowohlt is sitting at the desk and cuts paper, half-close. Book stack. Ernst Rowohlt scrolls in newspaper pages. Rotary machine
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Welt im Film 84/1947

. Mural: Struwelpeter and Max and Moritz. Books in the exhibition: Struwelpeter, Max and Moritz, Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Doolittle. Little girl opens book from the gingerbread house and witch plastic rise. Exhibition of children's drawings. Image: refugee
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Welt im Film 91/1947

launching the stay in the German capital. The Arab Crown Prince spent three weeks in America and studied the facilities, people and habits of the new world interested. Bielefeld: German books from four zones in the Oetker-Halle in Bielefeld was held the
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Welt im Film 99/1947

1st repair of the Münchner Kindl on the top of the town hall tower pan across town hall, Munich, half-close. Worker climbs ladder to the tower. Workers during repair work on the tower. The Church of our Lady, total. Blades of the Patrona Bavariae[…]
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Welt im Film 101/1947

, forward, night express. Newspaper editorial. Editor receives a message. Report is clamped in the typewriter. Hands typing on a typewriter. Type-setter at work. Rotary machine in operation. Printing from Pocket Books. Book stack heroes without weapons
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Welt im Film 104/1947

- an economic and cultural factor of high rank. 03. updates soon: a. book day on May 10, 1933 the Nazis prior to the Berlin University burned thousands of books by famous German and foreign authors. The anniversary of this shame is committed now as
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Welt im Film 108/1947

total 4,500 books and 280 periodicals. 700 volumes of foreign literature complement the exhibition, which gives an overview of the new German literature after the war. b. voluntary for the Ruhr mining in Frankfurt am Main, the 1000th reports Ruhr
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Welt im Film 121/1947

01 streiflichter from Germany a. Konsumverein letters consumption through auto gate. Wholesale bakery. Mixer. Baker before large oven with bread and rolls. Men drive with cart through warehouse. (19 m) b. Weidenau, victory: German Chess[…]
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Welt im Film 132/1947

practical life. Books are the backbone of the knowledge. Many university libraries have suffered heavy casualties in the war. Now, the rescued stocks are spotted and classified. And now a days in the University. The study is characterized by the overcrowding
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Welt im Film 141/1948

and Brown to the throne as Prince of Samoa. Prince of Samoa as a soldier, half-close. When the boxing training. (17 m) 6 issues of today: paper men and women in paper factory of machines for the production of paper and bags. Books as display behind
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Welt im Film 155/1948

01 streiflichter from Germany a. US - zone - America houses with font Amerika Haus. Readers in the library. Books are borrowed. Man reads newspaper. Children in children's reading room. Boys read, great. (22 m) b. Esslingen: paddle paddler on the
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Welt im Film 164/1948

01. the Conference in Frankfurt - participants: The military governors and the Minister-Presidents of the Länder ancestor cars ago the IG-Farbenhaus in Frankfurt. Among the participants of the Conference General Clay, half-close, General[…]
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Welt im Film 165/1948

accompanied by a guard of honour to the plane and boards the plane. Rolling on aircraft, large. (16 m) 03. streiflichter from Germany a. Hamburg: library of the future: micro photography library of the future - two books, great. Reduction of writings on films
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Welt im Film 182/1948

furniture and books. 50th anniversary of the horse. Horse drives. (101 m)
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Welt im Film 190/1949

Vampiress. (33 m) 03 Germany today: what do women woman is laundry in the washing machine and wash. Women at the ironing and laundry. Women in bookbinding, for stapling books. Women in the manufacture of wax candles. Wax figures are modeled. Different
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Welt im Film 208/1949

Emperor Tiberius. A rowing boat is the world famous Blue Grotto. 05. Munich: Library for the blind in Munich opened a library for the blind in the Amerika Haus. Blind people can borrow books from the library and take home - or enjoy reading in the reading
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Welt im Film 223/1949

1 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - 200th birthday image of Goethe, big. Berlin: Luise Schröder's Goethe-exhibition at the Charlottenburg Castle. The exhibition. Pictures of Goethe and fonts. Nuremberg: Exhibition of books who read Goethe in his
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Welt im Film 245/1950

01 updates soon a. Washington: signing of the arms assistance agreement between the United States and Europe Dean Acheson and Ministers at the time of signature. Dean Acheson speaks to the agreement, large, original sound. "Free nations must be[…]
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