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defendants. 10.Lloyd-Schnelldampfer 'Europe' (line Bremen-New York 7 days), the ship in a port (multiple settings). Small model ship moves forward with a man in New York of Europe. 11.England. Mammoth locomotive in London placed in service. The locomotive
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Deutschlandspiegel 19/1956

extended from a high-rise building: 54 meters. Onlookers. Cameraman in a kind of lift. Head is retracted. (17 m, 10:06:35 10:07:15) 08 Bremen Bremen: city view from the water. Large commercial ships in the harbour. Drums are unloaded. Busy road with modern
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Deutschlandspiegel 171/1968

at Monkey combed and sprayed Hairspray. Finished monkeys, screen. (54 m) (10:08:40 10:10:40) 07 Bremen Freimarkt Bremen: Roland (drupe). Kids listen to organ players. Organ, that's great. Opening of the Bremen free market: competition of 40 barrel
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Deutschlandspiegel 180/1969

Berlin-Tegel, shot. Stone figure. Pillar in a small fenced Cemetery (where the brothers Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt are interred), funerary inscription "Alexander von Humboldt", great. (54 m) (10:02:05 10:04:05) 04. Bremen Bremen:'s old town of
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