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Deutschlandspiegel 5/1955

decide!", "mothers protect their sons, the men no gun". A group of police officers. (6 m) (10:03:50 10:04:15) 06 Bundestag (adoption of the Paris agreements) German flag on the Federal House. Reporter on the ranks of the plenary Assembly Hall, Luis
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Deutschlandspiegel 9/1955

+ Bundestag Villa Hammerschmidt in Bonn. Theodor blank gets out of the car. Theodor Heuss and blank the hand To give up. Document size: "on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany I appoint Mr Theodor blank, Member of the German Bundestag, the Federal
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Deutschlandspiegel 13/1955

and Bonn Bundestag Bellevue Palace from the outside. Heuss visited the restoration work. Border crossing to the Soviet zone of occupation. Border guards with binoculars. Road sign: "Nominal Hauser dam" corner "Brunsbüttel dam". Heuss gets out of car
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Deutschlandspiegel 37/1957

-election of the, Dr. Eugen Gerstenmaier President of the Bundestag, speech by Eugen Gerstenmaier actuality: "in the middle of a world of full risk but also full of unprecedented large opportunities we begin this legislature. Here in Germany's capital city we
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Deutschlandspiegel 49/1958

figurines and paintings. " (150 m, 10:00:00 10:00:55) 02 Bundestag Berlin German Bundestag meets in Berlin, Willy Brandt beckons, Konrad Adenauer is highly surrounded by journalists and cameramen, fully occupied boardroom, Deputy to the lectern (no interview
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Deutschlandspiegel 128/1965

1st Bundestag in Berlin West Berlin Kongresshalle, Erich Mende (FDP) and Ludwig Erhard with cigar climb out of cars, Erhard enters the building, Bundestag will fly disturbed, jet aircraft by Soviet jets close over the Convention Hall over, Congress
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Deutschlandspiegel 211/1972

's podium. Review: Willy Brandt in addition to Alexej N. Kossygin in German Soviet Treaty. Walter Scheel in addition to Brandt at contract signing. Handshake Brandt Józef Cyrankiewicz. Brandt and Cyrankiewicz signing. Willy Brandt speaks before the Bundestag
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Deutschlandspiegel 221/1973

Word. Heinrich Böll, great photo with Cup. Crown Prince of Gustav of Sweden presented the honorary diploma Heinrich Böll. Boll is coming to the stage and bowed. 03. Bonn: Bundestag session: election of the Bundestag President Annemarie RENGER, re
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Deutschlandspiegel 231/1973

engines in cars. Oil rig. Nuclear reactor, Stade. Bundestag session: Adoption of the law on the security of energy supply at risk or disruption of imports of mineral oil or natural gas. Vote on the energy security act by Freigekauft Richard Jäger: "I beg
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Deutschlandspiegel 235/1974

Queen. Leonid Brezhnev's visit is an expression of cosmopolitan and confident policy, which is made from this city. The Bundestag - the German Parliament. 518 members plan, discuss, decide for 61 million German citizens. Their working conditions were two
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Deutschlandspiegel 310/1980

young people outside the House of his parents in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Interview at desk in the House. Wissmann at playing tennis in the Hall. Wang as a member of the Economic Committee of the Bundestag. Kurt Biedenkopf, great. Federal Eagle, Chamber
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