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Welt im Film 187/1948

. Information officer sitting next to the candle. Car headlights in the dark street. (35 m) 02. The war in China troops and tanks. Goods are loaded from aircraft. Transport of wounded on wearing. Machine guns from Russia as booty of the Chinese national army
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Welt im Film 189/1949

Swiss hospital train. You waving from the window. Returning children from the Switzerland are interviewed. Interview: "I liked it Very good." (57 m) 2 updates in the near future as China: Europeans leaving Shanghai American troops in Tsingtao Europeans
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Welt im Film 196/1949

m) 04 United States: trials with the wind rises in aircraft pilot. Parachute jump. Pilot on trial stand. Pilot receives eye protection. Test. Flatter face, great. (36 m) 5th war in the China Theater of war. Bombing. Cityscape Nanking. People flee
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Welt im Film 206/1949

Arnold at the lectern, half-close. Berlin: Moving the Communist trade unions to the pleasure garden. Airlift aircraft in the sky. Assembly of free trade unions on the square of freedom prior to the technical college. (55 m) 2nd China map of China
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Welt im Film 211/1949

01 gain for Hong Kong Hong Kong's cityscape. Flying aircraft. Landing on the airfield. British soldiers leave the aircraft. British machines on the airfield. Arrival of civilians with aircraft, tent accommodations. Street scene of Hong Kong. (30[…]
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Welt im Film 221/1949

01 updates soon a. London: Chief of staff of the US armed forces on tour rolling out aircraft, large. US Commander will be greeted by senior officers. Intervention of 15s. (16 m) b. United States: Herbert Hoover 75 years old picture of Herbert[…]
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Welt im Film 232/1949

the channel. (14 m) 03 included Hong Kong map of China. Aerial view of Hong Kong. Street life in Hong Kong. Newspaper woman. Reinforcement of the British border. Refugee boat. Refugees entering Hong Kong by ship. Troops go by vessels. Tank
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Welt im Film 285/1950

01 latest image report a. Korea South Koreans when clean-up work in ruins. Destroyed bridge. US troops in reconstruction of bridge. (13 m) b. Hong Kong Hong Kong's balloon. British soldiers on observation post. Refugees on the Luohu bridge linking[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 470/1959

image of the city. But this peaceful image is misleading. The colony has, as we know they Go ahead well. There are 1 million refugees from Red China by the 2.7 million residents of Hong Kong. Part of densely lives in new homes, far more but live in
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UFA-Wochenschau 243/1961

the actors and the cameraman behind the camera, Lothar and Akiko go out of the picture. (01: 10:01 10:01:31) 03. Refugees in Hong Kong if a train to the border between Hong Kong and Red China, refugees with bags on their backs across the tracks
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 583/1961

Interview Mr. Wilhelmi "the Volkswagen factory is as far as the number of shareholders, the world's second-largest Corporation hereafter. Only a society in America has more shareholders. The result exceeded all expectations. The fact that the[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 627/1962

1 Punta del Este. Meeting the US Secretary of State (re Euba). -Div. courtroom settings on the tables including the names of the States "Estados Unidos", "Argentina". "Venezuela", "Mexico", "Cuba", close. 02. UNITED STATES. Moon rocket Ranger III[…]
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UFA-Wochenschau 350/1963

traces of the uprising of 1956 in the faces of the audience, and he may be on this day of less in the liberation, but remind one more of the unhappy days, as the Hungary wanted to extricate itself from this exemption -. The numerous gods of China be
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Deutschlandspiegel 228/1973

of the water. Moving diagonally lying double hull boat. 470 dinghy ashore. The 470 dinghy regatta. Waving colourful spinnaker of small plastic boats. Turning manoeuvres. Uwe Beckmann in the boat Eumel (3). (02. China report a) 1 Chinese Ambassador
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