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Deutschlandspiegel 364/1985

fashion shoots in coat. Joop on his desk with designs for Meissen porcelain. Drawing Joop fashion with signature. (57 m) 02 Paderborn: Nixdorf computer for the world market of glass facades of office buildings. Employees write on computers. Nixdorf
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Deutschlandspiegel 378/1986

. Office workers use computerized customer card. Cartons in shipment. TRUCK drives to the delivery. (46 m) 06 Bonn: computers in the school students in class of the Helmholtz-gymnasium at the computer science course. Teacher Dr. blade provides task original
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Deutschlandspiegel 483/1994

counteract. 02. the computer virus-killer from Merseburg 3'27 a mastermind, 22 years young. 3'34 Josef Bugovics is on course for success: an electronics genius from the East German chemical region of Saxony-Anhalt fulfilled a dream to the computer industry
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