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1 subtitles: Back at home! Arrival of German ex heavyweight champion Franz Diener from the trip to America with the Hapagdampfer 'Albert Ballin'"in Cuxhaven. Image: Franz Diener is welcomed by a large crowd at the port. He laughs and
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Deutschlandspiegel 43/1958

:02:15) 02. Cuxhaven a, b pull NET with fish on board ship in the storm, fishing boats, fishing together, FishNet will open on deck, long shot: at night the ship unloads docks from Cuxhaven, various ships in the Harbour, Seagull, fish baskets be placed in the
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Deutschlandspiegel 252/1975

01 Duhnen: Watts race North Sea at Cuxhaven. Ship on the sea. Skeppsbron. People go in the Wadden Sea. Wadden Sea, in the background ship to the fore. Horse racing in the Watts: start. Spectators on both sides of the gated track. Galloping horses in
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