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Deutschlandspiegel 19/1956

. Cornerstone: Closure of the foundation stone, Heuss tapping with the hammer. (21 m, 10:03:50 10:04:40) 05 Natoparade Düsseldorf: 7th anniversary of NATO. Onslaught of the force delegations: Belgium, Canada. Natoflagge large. German band. The official gallery
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Deutschlandspiegel 132/1965

cells under a microscope. Demonstration of methods in a basin. Investigation and recording of fish sounds. (71 m, 10:06:25 10:08:55) 05. Cityscape Düsseldorf a, b, c, d cityscape Düsseldorf on the Rhine. Passers-by on the Königsallee. A classic car is in
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Deutschlandspiegel 182/1969

:01:25) 02 Düsseldorf and Peter Brüning Highway: passing truck, highway monument between Cologne and Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf on the Rhine: fountains with stone figure from behind, young couple sitting seaside promenade, sitting mother with child, Königsallee:
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Deutschlandspiegel 243/1974

01 Düsseldorf - city portrait in glass is spiegelnder road transport. Pedestrian. Fashion & style. Düsseldorf city image. Small bridge over the moat. Bust of Heinrich Heine, transformer. Excerpt written by Heinrich Heine "is Düsseldorf Very much
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