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Welt im Film 8/1945

the arms of Big Sisters. Sisters lead workers in a barrack for the investigation. An older woman Gets a neck bandage. Foreign workers are in the district. Music band playing, young people dance. (50 m) 6th Allied Control Commission meets Berlin House
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Welt im Film 24/1945

01 Hamburg - again Amusement Park Carousel, mountain and Valley Railway, whirligig. A laughing girl, close-up. Children looking for. Operation of the roller coaster. In the evening people in front of the sausage stand. A dice cup game, great.[…]
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Welt im Film 35/1946

of Japanese fishing boats in the water (half total). Fish will be paid on land (half total). Many children as a spectator (half total). Geishas perform a dance on (total). Japanese children decorated with flowers on occupation soldiers present flower
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Welt im Film 37/1946

). The baby giraffe is unsteady on his feet and fell (total). (19 m) f. tap dance on stilts tap dance on stilts, performed by Rolly and Verner Pickert, world champion in the stilts dance. (25 m)
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Welt im Film 39/1946

01 France - to de Gaulle - Gouin newspaper reading end passers-by (half total). Front page of newspaper "De Gaulle's resignation" (large). De Gaulle on the coast immediately (half-total). Felix Gouin (half total). Cameramen in front of the[…]
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Welt im Film 43/1946

and dancing with the sisters. (42 m) 7th Shanghai celebrates Shanghai cityscape again. Busy roads (total). Victims of skidding in the temples (half total). Old dances and sword dance (total). Chinese roads (total). Baking pancakes on the road (half
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Welt im Film 70/1946

01 Copenhagen: World Food Conference participants at the Conference. King Christian of Denmark sits in front of lectern and reading the opening speech. Next to him is his wife. Interview: "I hereby declare the second conference of the united[…]
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Welt im Film 73/1946

1 Berlin: Opening a music library notes on shelves in music library in the Berlin State Library. Signs before the notes: "England", "France", "Soviet Union", "United States". Sergiu Celebidache in conversation, half-close. General Gibsch of the[…]
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Welt im Film 84/1947

) Vienna: Ballet School (the Vienna Opera??) 4 little girls on the training wall. Student exercises before mirror. Training the older students and the master class. Dance performance. (56 m)
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Welt im Film 92/1947

high. Little girl dances in the dance dress. Handstand reverse splits. Little girl in pants with flowers. Dancer curtsies. Hairdressing apprentices, male and female when working on wigs. Hairdressing apprentices at the shaving and hair cutting
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Welt im Film 94/1947

Porter over who sometimes sends them back. Girl in the room raise their skirts above the knee to the visit of the legs. Girl in hat and coat at screening a snake dance. Candidates stand in the circle. Dance teacher for assessment. Girl open coat and boots
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Welt im Film 97/1947

01 Nuremberg. The lawsuit against the industrial present in the courtroom to stand up. American judge be a total. American flag behind the judges table. Beginning of the trial. The defendants, industrialist and head of the flick concern, are[…]
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Welt im Film 98/1947

poster Palucca. Curtain goes up. The Palucca occurs on the stage and dance. Curtain closes. (33 m) 03. Two important conferences a. Hamburg: Conference of consumer cooperatives meeting participants in the ceremonial hall of the Town Hall. Mural in the
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Welt im Film 100/1947

presentation. Children dance on the stage. Chapel. Slapping children. (32 m) c. Heilbronn: Trotter force the trotters troop marches on. Artist on the high wire goes up to the Spire. Pyramid on the rope. Viewers looking up. The troop go in single file along the
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Welt im Film 102/1947

/Bavaria: People around the Maypole. Trachtenkapelle marches on, totally. Pan across the Maypole. Dance around the Maypole in Bavarian costume. (54 m) 02. The fire disaster of Texas City of Texas City - clouds of smoke the fire catastrophe. Aerial photographs of
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Welt im Film 114/1947

. Munich: performance "In the Weisses Rössl" placard above the entrance to the white Racheal. Chapel moves into the theatre. Viewers. Gameplay footage of the Singspiel "It must be wonderful", dance. "What can the Sigismund for it", curtain closes. (40 m) 03
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Welt im Film 116/1947

at in the mirror, large. Intake valve. Hans Albers climbs ladder. Cameraman swings with camera. Joseph by Leanna in stage directions, great. (33 m) Mattsee: dance course Harald Kreutzberg Harald Kreutzberg dances. Kreutzberg displays dance movement
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Welt im Film 118/1947

01 updates soon as capital of the new State of Pakistan, Karachi road sign. Cows in the road. New building will be built in Karachi. Camel pulls car. Women and men in the building. House of the future Parliament. Statue of Gandhi. Mohammed Ali[…]
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Welt im Film 119/1947

people stir in food in large pots. Students in a common area. (24 m) b. Nordrhein Westfalen: youth camp youths before the tents. Young people run into the water for a swim. Ball game before the tents. Boy in the construction of a sand Castle. Folk dance
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Welt im Film 120/1947

form of an old dance. Finally still a cheerful dance competition. 02. Conference of Rio de Janeiro in Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro came the Pan-American Conference on their graduation: 19 countries were represented by their foreign ministers. Secretary
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