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Messter-Woche 35 (1915)

1st preamble: Messd Week 1915 No. 35. 2. Intermediate title: Berlin: The Kaiser-Franz-Garde-Gernadier-Regiment organizes a celebration for the birthday of its boss, in the presence of numerous depentations. Picture: Pan over a courtyard, the[…]
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Messter-Woche 28 1916

1. Intermediate title: A machine gun department passes a Dolomite road. Picture: Recordings correspond to the intermediate titles. 2. Intermediate title: German pioneers repairing a bridge over the Vardar. Picture: Recordings correspond to the[…]
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Messter-Woche 1918

01. Intermediate title: Munich: Military competitions in the presence of Sr. Maj. King Ludwig and the princes and princesses of the royal house. (28m) 02. Intermediate title: Visit of Prince Henry of Saxony to Helsingfors (Finland). (13m) 03.[…]
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Messter-Woche Einzelsujets 1921

1 subtitles: The trial against war criminals. The Imperial Court building. Image: Building from river seen... (from: © week 23/1921) 2. subheads: Prosecutor Dr. Ebermayer leads the negotiation as the highest judicial officer of the Empire. Image:[…]
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