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Welt im Film 14/1945

the estuary at Bremerhaven. A ship raises anchor and is unloaded. The Parliament building (48 m) 08 elections in Great Britain. A British soldier chooses. People in ballot boxes side by side, on the way to the polling station. Vote counters sitting at
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Welt im Film 30/1945

1938 again free elections were held in Austria. For the conduct of these elections, the British military Government donated 20 tons of paper each of the parties. With posters, parades and mass gatherings, the election battle was fought. The turnout
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Welt im Film 38/1946

01 people go the first free municipal elections at a polling station in Lauterbach (half total). The polling station inside, ballot paper is folded and envelope (half total). Hands move in a file (large). Voters cast ballot in a ballot box (half
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Welt im Film 52/1946

01 France - vote on the new Constitution people when going to the polling station (total), and at the polling station in the cabins (semi-total). An old woman is the ballot paper in the ballot box (half total). Thorez, General Secretary of the[…]
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Welt im Film 53/1946

. The winner was the Greek of Kyriakides, who won the race in 2 hours, 29 minutes, 27 seconds. 04. also Japan chooses freely again in the first free elections to democratic principle certain the Japanese people even his Government. Before the elections
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Welt im Film 54/1946

01 Germany (US zone) - 40 cities choose shield "1946 local elections" (large). People go into a polling station in Frankfurt (total). People with umbrellas (total). A man carries a man on the shoulder to the choice of (total). Debris road in Munich
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Welt im Film 56/1946

Roxas, Philippines with election propaganda through the city (total). Speakers in a papal conclave (total). Elections and voters (half total). President Manuel Roxas (half total) gets out of a car. Roxas for President Truman (half total). (20 m) 04. bees
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Welt im Film 70/1946

hairstyles. Mannequin with hairstyle, great. (36 m) 06. First elections in the British zone of choice in rural communities and small towns. Westfalen: People go to the polling station. Men put ballot in ballot box at the polling station. Issue of ballot
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Welt im Film 76/1946

his art is on the new. His stint in Vienna means a "curtain up" for a new round of character dance Bassermann ' scher figures. d. French elections, France, referendum in France was acceptance or rejection of the new Constitution - that's why. There
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Welt im Film 79/1946

, total. The dock, total. (76 m) 02 United States: elections to the Congress and Senate slapping people on the road at election rally. Several speakers of choice. Election posters. President Truman, half close, voting with his wife. He pushes his ballot
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Welt im Film 84/1947

01 streiflichter from Germany a. Berlin: electoral of magistrate conventioneers in the town house in the election of the Berlin Municipal Council, total. Hilde Körber, the Councilor, half-close. Berliner Bär at the front of the Hall. MPs raise[…]
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Welt im Film 153/1948

. Marshall as a listener, great. People clap. (14 m) c. Washington: Press Conference of the administrator of the Marshall plan Paul G. Hoffmann Hoffmann, large, at press conference on the Marshall plan. (11 m) d. passes elections in Italy Vespafahrer in
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Welt im Film 162/1948

01. the gateway to the North: people go Flensburger trade fair exhibition. Baier-curtains, hand bags. Crystal, bathroom tub and toilet. Man reads in catalog. Machines. (25 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany a. Berlin: radio tower runs the elevator[…]
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Welt im Film 167/1948

01. who becomes President? Candidate of the Democratic Party - Truman Congress of Democrats in Philadelphia. Several speakers. Truman goes to the lectern, half-close. The candidate for Vice President, Senator Barklay, in addition to Truman,[…]
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Welt im Film 180/1948

01 Berlin daily sector border in Berlin with shield you are leaving the Jonathan sector. Russians control cars that drive to West Berlin. Memorial Church, in airlift aircraft. Men carry bags with wood. Crowded platforms. Women wear wooden bags.[…]
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Welt im Film 185/1948

01 Berlin chooses the city elections have the freedom in Berlin in accordance with the Constitution of the city every two years to take place. Since the term of Office of the 1946 elected Municipal Assembly has expired, elections for Berlin were due
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Welt im Film 219/1949

Swiss tennis tournament that they will not return to Prague. Their association had forbidden their playing against German tennis champions. Thus Drobny and Cernik become political refugees of the red regime. Churchill England prepares for its elections
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Welt im Film 221/1949

freestyle: crawl swimming and turning. It wins in 18 minutes and 50.8 seconds Furhashi. Hirohito welcomes swimmers. (35 m) 5th elections: West Germany selects its 1st Bundestag Cuxhaven: Fischer disembark and look at election posters. People go to the
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Welt im Film 245/1950

strong to remain free and the mutual defense assistance program will contribute to the growth of strength and security in all of these nations." (19 m) b. elections in Finland election posters. People choose in polling station. President Juho Passikvi
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Welt im Film 247/1950

and show conjuring. Balls at cups. Card tricks, enchanting cigarettes, etc. (27 m) 03. Herold with a wig, the English elections Announces dissolution of the old Parliament. The leaders of the parties: Attlee sitting in Chair sitting, Clement Davies
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