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Deutschlandspiegel 106/1963

beach bath Wannsee. Two girls stand in the water, half-close. (19 m, 10:04:10 10:04:55) 05 Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin. Rotating lettering of film from the notification column, large. Arrival of the stars in front of Festival Hall in the dark
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Deutschlandspiegel 191/1970

Derby square in Hamburg-Flottenbeck to the Festival. The two-day music trip to the Derby lawn had attracted 10,000 young people aged between 14 and 25 years.
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Deutschlandspiegel 229/1973

films. Gramophones. Start of German television 22 years ago, production of Goethe's Faust. Modern televisions. Girl with headphones sitting in a swivel chair. You Get up and submit image plate in device. Image is transmitted on screen. 03. pop festival
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