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Deutsche Hilfe für Finnland

1 subtitles: Our war vehicles and troop transport on the drive to help performance in Finland. Image: Exit from the port of Gdańsk (to the 01.04.1918), waving soldiers on the ship. 2. subheads: Heavy seas. Image: Crossing in heavy seas; Warships[…]
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Einzug des siegreichen Generals von Mannerheim in Helsingfors

Withdrawal of General Mannerheim at the head of his troops in Helsinki at the 16.05.1918; beckoning residents on the side of the road; Tribute to man's home by the local authorities on the Senate square; Passing a flag by the women of the city;[…]
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Wiederherstellung der Ordnung in Finnland durch finnische Weiße Garden und deutsche Truppen

1 subtitles: White Garden on the way to the front. Image: White Garden on the March to the front. 2. subtitles: White guard welcome pulling German troops to the front. Image: white guards (with White armbands) wave to passing German soldiers. 3.[…]
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