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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 808/1965

maps. Reader shows details of the cities. Production of maps. 06. Canadian sport fishing hunting in the swamp and shoot with a bow and arrow on CARP. The taken fish carried ashore. The winner of this competition will receive congratulations and Cup. 07
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UFA-Dabei 689/1969

01 Berliner festwochen in special report - Berliner festwochen 69, image: driving record skyscrapers. Driving record at high buildings. Young girl immediately. National Opera Belgrade poster. A young girl. Poster. Sveriges Symfoniorkester. People[…]
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UFA-Dabei 715/1970

boats in the harbour. Sailors at the mooring, great. Hall with boxes full of fish in the ice, totally. Fish auction, some of the original sound. Dealer close To give characters, hand with wag his finger at the bidding. Close auctioneer, to the microphone
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UFA-Dabei 719/1970

, Yes The same." - "Yes, God, I'd say, it all depends on" Faces, close. Intermediate cuts gold box. 03. Lerchenauer Lake: Minister Josef Ertl several grades of Ertl fishing, large and close. Swimmers in the water, wriggling fish, is caught with nets
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Deutschlandspiegel 193/1970

the cities of East Frisia today dominate trade, Commerce and industry, the small ports along the coast have specializes in fish and crab fishing, which has become a particular attraction of the growing tourism. 05. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner is dedicated
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Deutschlandspiegel 197/1971

1 Rottweil: keg night cityscape. Fools parade through the streets. Children in mask costumes in the train image filling. Whips men jump with masks. Men in historic face masks and costumes-hopping on the train. Marching band. Clamps men jumping[…]
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UFA-Dabei 870/1973

1st inauguration of the Eider dam and review of 1962 Prime Minister G. Stoltenberg. Speech interview: "the Eider barrage we pass the most important piece of our general plan"Dyke reinforcement, Dyke shortening and coastal protection", his[…]
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UFA-Dabei 966/1975

f Ertl come down the stairs. Baron Constantin Heermann by Zuydtwyck background. Fish ponds with carp and trout. Fillet of fish - skinning machine. Pigs. Minister of agriculture Josef Ertl and Mayor Klaus Schütz make food samples. South America stands with
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UFA-Dabei 969/1975

This policy: Kissinger in Bonn Chancellor Schmidt had prepared themselves quickly with the last Bundesliga results. Because he knew: even more than on the German currency abundance is interested in America's Secretary of State Kissinger on German[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 251/1975

01 final military Cup Netherlands Bundeswehr 0:1 parachute jumper lands behind the trees. Parachutists land surrounded by football field. Teams invade. Pitcher for the German armed forces on the ball. Game in front of the gate, slow motion. Jürgen[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 341/1983

01 fisheries research views from fisheries research ship on stormy seas. Control cabin. Networks are obtained. Fish are examined according to size and condition. Weighing in buckets. Location on map is determined. German fisheries research ship
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Deutschlandspiegel 344/1983

01 people stand in line before notification Authority public College rates folk high schools in Germany. Registration in room. English lessons, original sound catching up of the folk school. Craft courses. Art class while painting outdoors in the[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 361/1984

that the German national team is still far from its former brilliant. 02. guidelines of German development policy fish is an important food in many regions of the world. In Peru. The Federal Republic helped build this research vessel. Soil put the
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