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Die baltische Hafenstadt Reval

Tower, Museum today), in the background of the "long Hermann" (cannon Tower, part of the Tallinn Castle) and the Cathedral Church; the promenade; Herring fisheries: Pictures from catch of fishes (sprat), fishermen pull the fishing boat on land with a
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Welt im Film 27/1945

British Columbia: salmon never fresh fish - good fish... and in this case many fish, British Columbia - one of the richest salmon fishing in the world - lists this fall a record catch... three times as A lot like last year. Only two months in the year the
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Welt im Film 35/1946

of Japanese fishing boats in the water (half total). Fish will be paid on land (half total). Many children as a spectator (half total). Geishas perform a dance on (total). Japanese children decorated with flowers on occupation soldiers present flower
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Welt im Film 59/1946

traffic (total). The children play basket ball (total). Children at tables in the drawing (total). The children on a boat on the Hudson River (total). (24 m) b. fish, France fishermen on the shore (total). Angler (half total). Sport fishing in the
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Welt im Film 60/1946

01 floods in Bavaria flooded fields (total). A car drives along a flooded road (half total). Broken trees (total). Flooded houses (half total). Children Wade through the water (half total). Furniture is (totally) transported in boats. Two paddlers[…]
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Welt im Film 65/1946

. Food from the sea fishing boats in the harbour. Fischer at the helm of the fishing boat, half-close. Heater shoveling coal. Stomping ship machine, large. Fishermen on the deck of the fishing boat while working. Fischer pieces network. Fishing boat on
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Welt im Film 77/1946

in Alaska. Cars drive over bridge. River. Fishing on the river. Men during road construction work. Check a vehicle on driving ability of control. Controller driver presented papers. Turnpike goes up. An old-fashioned Ford ride on the road. (31 m) 5th
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Welt im Film 78/1946

. Cowboy falling down. Cowboys on Bulls. The bull throws himself on the ground and throws off the tab. Clown on Bull. (23 m) e. Mexico fishing with bait attached to the parachute angler bait attached to parachute onto the water, can. Angel in the hand of
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Welt im Film 91/1947

the ice floes to the North Sea. Fishing boats lying on the ice. Ice cream cones, big. (25 m) b. Berlin: artist in her home (Celibidache, Hilde Körber, Hans Söhnker) Sergiu Celibidache suggests rug as protection against the cold on window sill, half. He
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Welt im Film 95/1947

tolerated. Hans Schwarz, wrestler and actor - a universal artist. c. Aalstechen a last image report by this winter. On chilly days, the fishermen on the Baltic coast to the "Aalstechen" take off. This difficult kind of fishing is a tradition mentioned
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Welt im Film 108/1947

01 food from the sea extends fishing boat. Fishing boat in the Baltic Sea. Fishing with nets in the fishing - fishing overtake networks. Crab fishing, sea gulls fly around the boat. Return of the boats in the evening. Fishing boats in the harbour
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Welt im Film 109/1947

. Dog drives sheep in fencing. Sheep attacking dog. Duke of Gloucester on grandstand, laughing, half-close. Horse trots from buggy. Rider to jump over the obstacles. (30 m) c. British Columbia: salmon fishing with fishing boats. Fishing with a large
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Welt im Film 128/1947

leaving from home,. (34 m) 02 United States: salmon fishing either way salmon fishermen on the shore and on boats before Rapids. Rapids of the Columbia River. Fishing on small bridge in front of waterfall with nets. Salmon with power. Salmon is free from
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Welt im Film 183/1948

fishing ponds are emptied and the fish are caught. The carps are selected, one part is sold and the others put back into the water for breeding purpose. 04. international football: England vs. Wales Austria vs. Sweden the meeting of England (white shirts
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Welt im Film 213/1949

. (36 m) 02 strange occupations a. clam fishing on Lake Chiemsee boats on the water. Fishermen fishing with nets shells from the bottom of the Lake. Fill baskets with shells ashore. (24 m) b. Soltau: gas from manure farmer leaves crap on cart in the cow
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Welt im Film 222/1949

fishing tuna in the sea. Look through the mask on tuna. Fishing with nets. Tuna are taken on board. (18 m) c. Arezzo: equestrian rider riding against figure and hit them with the Lance. The winner. (10 m) 7th peine: German Schwimmeisterschaften 1949
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Welt im Film 264/1950

beat bottlenose dolphin fishing in boats on pipes and drive porpoises to the land, where they are worn on land. (22 m) b. California: Rodeo men riding on horses and bulls and fall to the ground. (18 m) 06. Berlin: German Football Championship at the
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Welt im Film 267/1950

assistant writes closing loading door Saturday 17: 00. (18 m) 03 pictures from all over the world a. Denmark: Radar makes fishing steamer with device for detection of herring shoals from ERP funds. Fishermen in the boat. NET full of herring is pulled on
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 47/1950

. (16 m) 5th Dülmen: carp fishing carp are with great power from pond caught and again water thrown in. Man with large carp. (15 m) 06. United States: Bomber B-47 off, flight and landing of nuclear bomber B-47 (16 m) 07 Seville: Rita Hayworth and Ali
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Welt im Film 290/1950

child weighs doll. Illuminated skyscrapers. Praying child from crib. Fishermen in a fishing boat. (64 m)
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