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Deutschlandspiegel 318/1981

1 3 men (2 whites and 1 African) on the road go Berlin - training centre for the 3rd world in yellow jackets. Snowfall. Africans from Sudan in workshop for professional training in a metalworking company. Scholarship from Africa artfully edited[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 446/1991

01. with the Elbe Steamboat travelling chimney by Elbe Steamboat. Tooting. Smoke rises. Move to hull is named Dresden. Passengers on steamers. Map of river Hamburg to Dresden. Shore leave in Dresden. City images with Semperoper, Zwinger, Castle[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 457/1992

01 season on Rügen white chalk cliffs of Rügen. Beach. Easy to make waves on the beach. Holiday-makers, men and women see through binoculars. Boat on the sea. Forests. Paintings by Caspar David Friedrich's Rügen. Map of Germany with Rügen. Long[…]
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