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Der Kaiser bei unseren türkischen Verbündeten

I part: 1 subtitles: image: military chapel at the train station of Sirketschi railway station of Constantinople, a train. 2. subheads: Image: welcome Kaiser Wilhelm II., by Sultan Mehmed v and war Minister Enver Pasha. 3. subtitles: Image:[…]
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Ein Mann wirbt für sein Volk (Langfassung)

Airport mania. Farewell, members of Government, datunter Vice Chancellor Blücher and the High Commissioner Contant goodbye Dr. Adenauer, who boards the plane with his daughter Lotte Adenauer. Le Havre. Quick steamer of United States, Adenauer and[…]
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Besuch beim Pfauenthron 1957

Visit of the German Chancellor Adenauer at the Shah of Persia and the lavish reception by the Shah. Flying above the clouds, view from the airplane on mountains. In the plane of Adenauer in conversation with his daughter Libet walls. The flight[…]
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Die amerikanische Reise

The State visit of German President Theodor Heuss in Canada and the United States of America in May and June 1958 interior shots of the aircraft during the flight to Québec, Heuss in the cockpit, Foreign Minister Heinrich Brentano in conversation,[…]
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Besuch des Vertrauens 1959

Airport Cologne-Bonn, 26.8.1959 Chancellor Dr. Adenauer welcomed the members of the Federal Cabinet, appeared to receive the American President: including gap, eckardt, Erhard, by Brentano, Strauß, Schröder, barley, Seebohm. For the first time, a[…]
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Brandt in Warschau zur Vertragsunterzeichnung

-Warsaw, theatre square, monument to the heroes of Warsaw, the ancient goddess of victory Nike Wartburg-terminated people on the Street outside Presidential Palace, flags of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany are hoisted-wartende[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 429/1990

01-external aspects of German unity EC driving Special Summit in Dublin the 2 + 4 Conference in Bonn double-decker bus around Dublin. City images. Map of EC with Germany. Arrival politician. Car ride. Mitterrand gets out of car. Arrival of Kohl[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 432/1990

01 the Hoppegarten horse race start and race in ZL. Visitor with binoculars. Betting switch. Food stalls. Sw review: race in the Hoppegarten in the 20s with an elegant audience. Color: Race for the prize of Berlin. Grandstand. Home stretch. Race[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 431/1990

01. the Monetary Union 1-7 1990 East Berlin: people at exchange desks at banks. Old banknotes with Karl Marx portrait. Money vehicles bring DM in the GDR. Steel cabinets. The Deutsche Bundesbank in former SED building. Survey: Young woman: "Yes,[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 436/1991

01 Berlin: Resurrection Symphony Potsdamer Platz, site of a concert with 8 choirs from all over Europe and 5 orchestras. Lorin Maazel, close-up, conducts Gustav Mahler's 2nd Symphony in c minor the resurrection Symphony. Christa Ludwig sings. The[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 468/1993

01 concert in Mecklenburg. Tree-lined Avenue. Grain field. Manor houses. Landscape. Schloß Ludwigslust. Golden Hall. In the Golden Hall, Mecklenburg Baroque Orchestra plays the Bassoon Concerto in c major, an unknown composer on historical[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 464/1993

01. meet Kohl/Clinton in the United States of 40 years of German-American relations Washington cityscape. Right of way Helmut Kohl outside the White House. Guard soldier, great. Flag guard command. Call Kohl and Clinton. Close-up of Clinton, on[…]
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