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Deutschlandspiegel 277/1977

field. Production of sheet of the world forest Atlas. (63 m) 05 museum village of Bavarian Forest water mill turns. Farm House. Open-air museum grinds mill of grain into flour. Work in the 140-year-old hammer mill. Large bellows. Hammers and scythes are
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Deutschlandspiegel 275/1977

. Faces of colored students, great. The course is tailored to the problems of developing countries. Tractor is made ready for use. Students on field of research with practical lessons. (42 m) 05 National Park Bavarian Forest summits of trees. Beech leaves
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Deutschlandspiegel 333/1982

01 life in a district of forest in the Sauerland. Walkers in the Woods. The Forester's lodge. The forest managers with his colleague in the Office. Antlers on the wall. The forest managers with employees during the tour of the area. In planting, the
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Deutschlandspiegel 366/1985

01 Bonn: organ builder Hans Gerd KLAIS organ manufacturer workshop. Organ Builder tool when testing the sound of organ pipes. Professor Bucher, Switzerland, examines the construction plans for the organ appointed by him. Tin lead alloy material is[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 365/1985

with the new. Painter in Studio. Kunsthaus with painting exhibition. Townhouse complex on Park building. People sit on the terrace. Children play on the lawn. (56 m) 02 exhaust arms cars dying forest. Cars on the highway and on roads. ADAC test centre
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Deutschlandspiegel 386/1986

01 (113) of the new man in the Cabinet--Environment Minister Wallmann Rhein. Nuclear power plant. Environment Minister Walter Wallmann speaks to experts of the nuclear industry in Vienna. Forest walkers. Forester. Dying forest, diseased trees. Lime
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Deutschlandspiegel 400/1988

. Kirsten Richter on the stairs before the Hamburg City Hall. Kirsten Richter at the piano, at the desk, Heath forest, Kirsten Richter sings songs about the battered nature of "Mother". Close-up, screen-filling. (? m)
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