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Die Schlacht zwischen Aisne und Marne

1 subtitles: His Imperial Highness the German Crown Prince at an army command. Image: welcomes and converses with soldiers; go to the car and can help themselves in the mantle. 2. subheads: Using captured British tank. Image: Soldiers examine[…]
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Messter-Woche 12/1915

1 subtitles: Italy: Avezzano again blossoms from the ruins of the earthquake... Image: reconstruction work after the earthquake in Avezzano. 2. subtitles:... A farmer who was buried under the rubble for 24 hours. 3. subtitles: Berlin: Princess[…]
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In und um St. Quentin im Herbst des Kriegsjahres 1916

Market square in St. Quentin, lift of the guard; Farm under German administration; slightly wounded German soldiers from the Sommeschlacht in the recovery; Working under German supervision in the gasworks and sack stitching; Repair workshop for[…]
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Die Zerstörungen in St. Quentin

1 subtitles: streetscapes. Image: St. Quentin with German soldiers on the streets; 2. subheads: Place you huit Octobre image: place overlooking the building bar 8 October 3 subtitles: view of Avenue Faidherbe image: pan across the street. 4.[…]
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Hinter der Westfront

1 subtitles: Life and activities in the villages behind the front. 2. subheads: food distribution to the population. Image: Before a business women and children rush back and forth; Conversations on the street; Pan down the front of the houses,[…]
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Die ersten Aufnahmen aus der Schlacht im Westen

1 subtitles: The artillery in the fire on March 21, 1918 11:30 o'clock in the morning. Image: Start of the German offensive ("Michael") at the 21.03.1918; Artillery in the bombardment of enemy positions (7.7 cm field gun 16). 2. subheads:[…]
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Lille im dritten Kriegsjahr

1 subtitles: Arrival of the daily Berlin Liller D train. Lille is located only 8 km from the foremost English position. Image: Arrival of the train at North Station; in the course there are just soldiers; Entrance to the station Hall, life and[…]
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St. Quentin

1 subtitles: Looking ahead to St. Quentin from the Stock Exchange Tower seen. Image: pan over ruins in St. Quentin with destroyed Cathedral. 2. subheads: Place at the Cathedral. Image: Pan from the town hall to the ruins of the Cathedral;[…]
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