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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 111/1952

furniture. Jackhammer Street. VW moves cant level up for floor care. Stop Winker, illuminated as protection for parked trucks. Elektronium-accordion. 02. portrait: Human seen: Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf, Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, and President of the
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Welt im Bild 61/1953

1st how do I choose ballot CDU, SPD, FDP, no party affiliation. Table stands and explains the election process and delivery of the voices in the left column for the candidates in the right column for the party. 02. unrest in Tehran street[…]
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Welt im Bild 66/1953

1 Nuremberg: 40 quintals bomb defusing unexploded bombs on a building site in the old city. Evacuated houses. Residents carry their substance in safety. U-haul is closed. Policemen with loudspeakers through the city drive "Please consult the[…]
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Welt im Bild 166/1955

in Chamonix test-drive of a new rope-way. Peaks of the Alps. Arriving at the mountain station. (16 m) 06. Hamburg: "You and your world" exhibition furniture exhibition. Modern cook stoves. Modern kitchen cabinets. Nursery furniture and toys. MOP for
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Welt im Bild 194/1956

1 Berlin: Dreams in silk - summer fashions 1956 leading German fashion houses presented their models. Wide-brimmed hats to narrow dresses. Wide swinging afternoon dress with Rhinestone embroidered jacket. Nylon tulle dress with Pettycoats. Elderly[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 320/1956

01 King Hussein dismisses his British military adviser General Glubb London: from car rises in front of the Buckingham Palace General Glubb ringed and photographed people, after he's been knighted after his release by Hussein. King Hussein with[…]
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Welt im Bild 195/1956

01 Norway: avalanche disaster in Lofoten snow mountain slope. Collapsed houses by location on the fjord. Residents dig in the snow. Furniture will be recovered. Houses sunken into the sea. 02. Bad Godesberg: Street program Announces program for
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UFA-Wochenschau 56/1957

1st portrait: Dr. Ernst May, architect of modern study of architects in Hamburg Othmarschen. Sliding doors between the rooms. Pass-through cabinet with double drawers for utensils. Dr. Ernst May model. The settlement of Lorenz in Lübeck. Flat[…]
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UFA-Wochenschau 69/1957

01 Canada: The world's largest and most expensive nuclear reactor inside of the "Atomic giants". Control Panel. Uranium rod. 02. Belgium: Preparations for the World Expo model of the Atomium. Exhibition halls in the model and in the building.[…]
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 424/1958

01 Cologne: Adenauer is Honorary Knight of the Teutonic order in the Cologne St Andrew's Church is absorbed into the Teutonic order as honorary Knight Adenauer. Adenauer kneels down. Order and mantle him be killed. The Austrian Federal Chancellor[…]
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Die Zeit unter der Lupe 993/1969

with comfort. Bathroom. Seat in front of tent. Apart folding Caravan. 03. Cologne: furniture fair modern chairs with headrest. Inflatable couch. Tilting bed control system for television and telephone. Built-in speakers in the walls. 04. Montreal
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UFA-Dabei 705/1970

01 Cologne: furniture fair this economy - how we live tomorrow. Visitors. Various living walls. Mr leads Cabinet who has television on the back and turntable in lower drawer. Closet cube, all pages accessible and varied. Hand push operation button
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UFA-Dabei 757/1971

." 06. Cologne: furniture fair ' 71 various exhibition settings. Advertisement for "Hobby", the variable building furniture system. Packages with components to the self assembling. Young girl at the assembling of furniture with a hex wrench. Girls
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Deutschlandspiegel 199/1971

House Chair, which ushered in a new epoch of the manufacture of seating furniture. 05. in Hamburg - St. Pauli is the wall of a House by itself talk. On an area of 600 square meters, the artist Dieter Ganeriwal and Werner Nöfer propagate the street art
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UFA-Dabei 809/1972

that exist in the world after the United States. That gives new opportunities for the people here with us, the jobs are safe and consumers will have new opportunities." 02. Cologne: International furniture fair in 1972 several short impressions of the
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UFA-Dabei 856/1972

physically attacks the team. Börner, o-ton: "turn, come on in! Sound off, we enter here now. Turn, turn." From familiar rooms with totally broken furniture. The only water tap of the apartment is small and the floor before wet. The kitchen is filthy and
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UFA-Dabei 862/1973

again here." (62 m) 02. Cologne: furniture fair total communication Center: dream machine. Style furniture. Beds with hand-stitched pillow. Demonstration of folding beds in d. styles. "Cook Island" with heat and water supply in the middle of the room
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UFA-Dabei 885/1973

Stuttgart players with winner plate. (58 m) 03 Germany: Designer Lutz Colani portrait candlelight, Colani at work. Wasserschloss Harkotten in Westphalia. Colani designs such as cars, furniture. Colani again at work. Designs for Colanis world of tomorrow
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UFA-Dabei 902/1973

Berlin: Federal Award "Gute Form 73" driving record: shops on Kurfuerstendamm. Modern furniture. Minister Friderichs actuality: "over five years ago, the Federal prize was established"Good form"for superbly crafted series products and designs. It function
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UFA-Dabei 914/1974

01 Cologne: 14. International furniture fair man sits on a soft plastic chair. Various furniture styles: rustic, modern and old English. Reclining seats, which resemble human silhouettes. Plastic folding chairs. Living landscapes in leather, linen
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