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Proklamation des Königreiches Polen. Warschau, 5. November 1916

Large crowd in the courtyard of the Royal City Palace in Warsaw; Polish military moves into the yard through a trellis of people; Officers of the Polish Legion in the courtyard; Groups, some with flags, move into the Castle courtyard; large crowd[…]
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Die Kaisergeburtstagsfeier der Ers.- Geb.- Masch.-Gew.-Abt. No. 5 zu Seesen a. Harz im Kriegsjahr 1918

1 subtitles: Address to the soldiers. Image: Officer on horseback in his speech to the soldiers beaten to; many onlookers on the edge of the square. 2. subheads: Took of the individual formations. Image: The took of the units before the officers[…]
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Ein Tag aus dem Leben einer Fürsorgeschwester

Image: Conversation of a caring sister in the addition of about their profession. Activities do concern sister during one day. Gifts from all over the world for the Germany starved as a result of the blockade. Supply a large family. Collected in a[…]
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Deulig - Woche 4 (seit 1927)

1 subtitles: The Austrian Federal President Hainisch in Tyrol. Image: Welcome by representatives of the country, costume groups. 2. subheads: Kemal Pasha, Minister of Turkey signed trade agreement with Germany image: close up view of the[…]
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