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Deutschlandspiegel 445/1991

01 Science City Ulm building. Man writes on computer. Computer voice speaks: Welcome to the Science City of Ulm. Fresco Albert Einstein tongue stretching out, houses wall, in his native city. Scientists at work. Glass fibre rod in red tank.[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 446/1991

01. with the Elbe Steamboat travelling chimney by Elbe Steamboat. Tooting. Smoke rises. Move to hull is named Dresden. Passengers on steamers. Map of river Hamburg to Dresden. Shore leave in Dresden. City images with Semperoper, Zwinger, Castle[…]
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Deutschlandspiegel 462/1993

01. the Germans and the 30 1st 1933 sw: review 2nd World War. Gunfire, tanks, Tote, burning houses, crying women, bombs. Concentration camp prisoners behind barbed wire. Debris. The destroyed Reichstag. Color: The Reichstag today. Young people go[…]
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