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Deutschlandspiegel 8/1955

before the NATO Headquarters. (7 m, 10:09:50 10:10:10) 08 Hannover Messe Hannover: stands and pavilions at the industrial fair. Mobile excavators, tipping for railway wagon. As a visitor to Hinrich Kopf including heavy-duty crane. Porcelain ware: Vases
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Deutschlandspiegel 10/1955

guests, including Ludwig Erhard in the audience. Applause. Adenauer visited the strip mill newly commissioned. Glowing steel. Computer control. Cooling by water jets. (68 m, 10:08:35 10:10:45) 6 Hanover returnees Hannover: train is in the station. 150000
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Deutschlandspiegel 20/1956

listeners in addition to Lady Churchill. Churchill is led out of the Hall. (51 m, 10:03:20 10:05:15) 06 Hannover Conti 1 cityscapes of the destroyed Hanover after the war. After reconstruction: Views of streets with modern commercial buildings. Roadway
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Deutschlandspiegel 39/1958

, Soldaten winken ihm zum Abschied, Bär wird abtransportiert. (18 m, 10:09:00 - 10:09:40) 06. Perser Brücke Iranische Studenten in der Technischen Hochschule in Hannover: Fest zur Vertiefung der menschlichen Beziehungen, Tee wird ausgeschenkt, iranische
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Deutschlandspiegel 49/1958

, Abgeordneter am Rednerpult (ohne O-Ton), Totale über Sitzungssaal mit Bundesadler. (6 m, 10:00:50 - 10:04:10) 03. Straßenbau Berlin, Autobahn Hannover Gedächtniskirche, Baustelle aus Vogelperspektive, Schild: Hauptstadt Berlin, Aufbauplan aus Bundesmitteln, U
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Deutschlandspiegel 68/1960

" in Lakehurst. The visitors of the exhibition. Various modern pictures. (47 m, 10:05:15 10:07:00) 05 mass sports festival Hannover: pole vault. High jump. Discus thrower. Man is launching pad. Hurdles of women: 80 m hurdles, Gisela Birkenmeyer WINS in
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Deutschlandspiegel 90/1962

pantomime actor, Traudbert of heritage (initiator of the little Theatre), Apple is lifted from the floor. Actress raises hand. Large spectator. Various settings of the actors. (40 m, 10:07:55 10:09:25) 08 Leisure Centre Hannover a, b, c, d Hanover: modern
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Deutschlandspiegel 96/1962

01 Catholic day in Hannover. Legs, before passing traffic. Many pedestrians in the background tram. French father Cocagnac plays the guitar and sings (original sound), people surround him and sing along. Various settings of pedestrians. Several
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Deutschlandspiegel 200/1971

Menschenmenge. Heinemann geht neben Hilda Heinemann Arm in Arm zwischen Menschen. Klatschende Leute. 04. Hannover Stadtbild. Messegelände, Aufnahme von oben. Verkehrsstraße. Verkehrspolizist regelt Verkehr. Fußgänger- und Autoverkehr. Sitzung des Parlaments im
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Deutschlandspiegel 247/1975

"Smog" demonstration against pollution. Car transport under the vapor cloud. Man lying under oxygen device. The television prize and certificate will be presented. 03. transport planning a city example Hannover Hannover total cityscape. The station
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