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Welt im Film 31/1945

of your face and drink wine from a large glass, half total. (61 m) 06. two sport - 1 dynamic football 2nd hockey out of mothballs the stadium in Wales, half total. The football teams from Cardiff and Dynamo Moscow, half the total. The Cardiff team
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Welt im Film 43/1946

-General Truscott throws a ball in the field for the opening of an ice hockey game between two teams of the American armed forces (total). Downhill skiing (total). Four-man event (total). Winter sports training of the American soldiers. (19 m) b. rugby Scotland
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Welt im Film 85/1947

1 Berlin: Sports Premiere at the Sports Palace of the Berlin Sports Palace, half-close. Ice hockey players of two Berlin teams, total and half close. Burned out dome roof of the sports facility. Standing spectators on the edge of the ice rink, half
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Welt im Film 92/1947

on the ice. Boys playing ice hockey on the ice rink. Ice hockey game of the kids in the snow on the village road. Girl of Stemmbogens learning. Downhill skiing, total. (45 m)
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Welt im Film 200/1949

. (57 m) 6th Garmisch: ice hockey Boston - feet 9:3 the Olympic Stadium. Ice hockey game in floodlights. Viewers, firing on, half-close. Defense of the goalkeeper. Shot on goal, 1:0 for Boston. Audience clapping. Shots on goal for Boston. Shot on goal
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Welt im Film 243/1950

1 Garmisch Partenkirchen: winter sports week cars and people before the Olympic ice stadium. Opening of the 6th International winter sports week. Prime Minister Ehard keeps opening speech, total. Ice hockey: SC Riessersee - Harringay racers, England
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 1/1950

, but crashes. Sepp Weiler / Oberstdorf jumps 88 m. Vainio / Finland crashes. Sepp Weiler as the winner, half-close. (60 m) c. ice hockey SC - huge Lake - Harringgaj racers / England game scenes. A spectator with a scarf, firing on, close to half. Scenes
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 6/1950

. (42 m) 12 Hamburg: Hein ten Hoff signed against Joe Walcott ten Hoff at the signing, laugh, great. 13 Garmisch: German ice hockey championship EV Füssen - SC Riessersee 4:5 scenes. Changing storm of the teams. Defense against door and shots on goal
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Welt im Film 249/1950

Cross collect sisters. Collection event. (22 m) 02 sport a. Berlin: six days preparation in the Sports Hall at the radio tower. Berths are set. Review of bicycles, starting, rounds, shield bonus. (29 m) b. Garmisch Partenkirchen: SC Riessersee ice hockey
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 41/1950

oak break. Feet (41 m) 9: EV Füssen - HC Arosa 4:2 ice hockey game scenes. Füssen goalkeeper fends off ball. Storms feet. Defense at the gate of Arosa. Shot on goal. (27 m) 10 Hamburg: HSV - Athletico Mineiro Brazil football 0:4 crowd before the
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Welt im Film 284/1950

Georg Bernard Shaw + country house near London. Rooms. Shaw at the desk of his work space. Shaw is walking in front of his house. Shaw talks big, o-ton: "Good bye." (21 m) 5th sport a. feet: ice hockey feet - Arosa, Switzerland 4:8 game. It's snowing
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Welt im Film 287/1950

dress. Woman and child. Afternoon dress. Mannequin on stairs. Swimsuits made of silk. Demonstration in the spotlight. (28 m) 04 sports a. Hamburg: hockey to the silver shield - Hamburg - North Rhine - Westphalia 3-1 hockey game. Spectators, half
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 47/1950

floor exercises. Helmuth Bantz turns on the parallel bars. ZL. (34 m) 12. Munich: SC Riessersee - EV Füssen 2:3 ice hockey game, crowds at the gate. Shots on goal. Storm. Falls. (26 m)
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Welt im Film 290/1950

Germany 9:7 seating in the snow. Play in the snow. Goalkeeper keeps. Goal throw. Audience clapping. Viewers run after the game on the square. Players Cup, large (2 figures). (27 m) Munich: ice hockey feet - SC - huge Lake 3-2 crashes. Goal for feet. Shot
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 51/1951

of the 12 participating nations are worn by skaters in ice stadium. Dr. Schwalbe, Minister of culture of Bavaria, holds the opening speech. McCloy to the lectern (no interview). Ice skating: Helga Dudzinski is freestyle. Ice hockey EV Füssen - SC
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 56/1951

. Bear drives on a motor scooter. (35 m) 10 ice hockey: Prussia Krefeld - Bates Lewis bloomstone (United States) 10-5 game on rain-flooded space. Storm game, shots on goal, and falls. (32 m) 11. Münster: Attacks Borussia Preußen Münster - Borussia
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Welt im Film 299/1951

. (17 m) b. Krefeld: ice hockey Prussia Krefeld - Bates company Maine, United States 10:5 water Get up the ice. Water squirts up game. (24 m) c. Berlin: ring er tournament Pascal Ribel, Italy, fighting against Jean Bout, France. Outerwear. Darshana takes
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Welt im Film 300/1951

Bob - Championships start of competing with Anderl Ostler. 2. travel of the winner is Fritz Wiese with his team. The 52jährige Fritz Wiese Cup receives congratulations. (21 m) b. Garmisch: ice hockey Prussia-Krefeld - Diavolo Milan 3:7 the Milanese
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 59/1951

- Ireland 6-1 hockey game at Wembley Stadium. The Englishwomen play superior. (22 m) 10 Sheffield: Newcastle - Wolverhampton 0-0 Wolverhampton scores goal, but is not recognised. Players embrace. Billy Wright, Captain of the national team, on the ball
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 70/1951

. German Hockey Championship in 1951 In the final of the German championship in 1951 stood at the Duisburg Stadium the Club Raffel mountain and Uhlenhorst Mülheim opposite. More than 10,000 spectators saw a fast-paced and technically-standing meeting, the
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