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Welt im Film 16/1945

on wearing in waiting cars. Destroyed rooms, offices and ceilings. Empire State Building total. (54 m) 04. Paris: alpine holiday for French children in a Paris train station a Kindertransport boards a train, then departing. Alpine village in southern
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Welt im Film 20/1945

01 last fight pictures from the Pacific Allied ships in the Pacific. The deck of an aircraft carrier. Aircraft carrier entering the escort. The English Admiral Rollins used over in a chair lift to the battleship USS Missouri to meet with Admiral[…]
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Welt im Film 23/1945

Thanksgiving. (60 m) 03 Austria - holiday on the Danube excursion steamer in Linz on the Danube. American soldiers go on board. You are sitting on the deck. The shore passes. You are sitting and sunning themselves. Three soldiers play Skat. The soldiers are
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Welt im Film 24/1945

stairs. But they found: walking into the 74th floor to rise, would down a quite. The strike is now included. 06. England Churchill back in London from a holiday in the South of returning, Winston Churchill arrived at the London aerodrome in Hendon. He
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Welt im Film 38/1946

01 people go the first free municipal elections at a polling station in Lauterbach (half total). The polling station inside, ballot paper is folded and envelope (half total). Hands move in a file (large). Voters cast ballot in a ballot box (half[…]
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Welt im Film 40/1946

always hot on his trail. At the end of his holiday the doctors' verdict is: He was never in better health and spirits. 06. a. The Flying Automobile The latest American small car can fly as well as run. In the hangar, propeller and wings are quickly
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Welt im Film 60/1946

01 floods in Bavaria flooded fields (total). A car drives along a flooded road (half total). Broken trees (total). Flooded houses (half total). Children Wade through the water (half total). Furniture is (totally) transported in boats. Two paddlers[…]
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Welt im Film 61/1946

01 industry under construction (77 m) a. State Porcelain Manufactory Berlin in the State porcelain factory in Berlin working a worker with kaolin. Machine turns. Hands shape dish on circular Potter machine. Henkel's workers sticking to Cup. The[…]
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Welt im Film 89/1947

Hamburg children who spent a 3 months holiday in Switzerland. They staged with private Swiss families. The children approximately gamed between 3 and 8 kilos. Those who did not reach this weight increase are staying on in Switzerland for further
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Welt im Film 115/1947

. Game scenes with Attila Hörbiger as anyone and Ernst German as death, original sound. Cathedral square with visitors, total. The Castle. (58 m) 5th recreation for Berlin children with backpacks get on train. Red Cross train after Bavarian holiday camps
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Welt im Film 116/1947

Piglet the pig. The Haflinger stud horses run Manor. Farmers harvesting Hay before grazing herd. Cows and horses in the meadow. The Berchtesgadener land. (25 m) c. crowded holiday trains queues of people before the ticket office. Crowded platform with
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Welt im Film 143/1948

waving, big. Eisenhower enters the Franklin Institute and speaks for the implementation of the Marshall plan, half-close. (13 m) b. London: return Churchill from a holiday in North Africa aircraft rolls out. Lady Churchill raises from aircraft and
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Welt im Film 146/1948

01 updates soon a. India: Gandhi's ashes Indians moving masses. Decorated car, accompanied by his sons, the urn containing the ashes of Gandhi's. Water vehicle drives the ashes in the Ganges River. The ashes will be scattered in the water. (30 m)[…]
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Welt im Film 164/1948

money. Earlier it is very... with the summer. The altitude of the Alps log meter-high snow, and on the Nebelhorn in Oberstdorf, it feels Very much wintry in the Hundstagen. The hotel staff makes temporarily due to lack of summer and guests... Ski holiday
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Welt im Film 189/1949

holiday in the old people's home "Haven of peace". 05. the circus arrives in England there is a veritable circus season, which now begins. 6000 children and 7 adults are present at the premiere at the London Olympic arena, you see:... tame horses and wild
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Welt im Film 215/1949

01 McCloy in Germany welcome by McCloy in Berlin. He is welcomed by senior officers of the occupying powers. Arrived in Finland. Car passes 15s. McCloy, big, gives press conference. (30 m) 02 1 year after the currency reform: cities in the[…]
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Welt im Film 219/1949

residents on the market for Deutschmarks Western goods. Stands. Price tags in Eastern or Western currency. Sale of herring. Bills in a drawer. (32 m) b. Berlin holiday, children play in the sand at the Potsdamer Platz between debris houses in underground car
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Welt im Film 220/1949

1 Frankfurt: Last session of Economic Council swing building. Dr. Köhler is the final speech. Among the listeners of Ludwig Ehrhard, great. (19 m) 2 Denmark: the full beards a Viking Viking ships. Danes in costumes of the Vikings on board. Viking[…]
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Welt im Film 221/1949

Albert Bassermann, the famous actor, visited Germany from America, together with his wife. The 82-year-old actor spent a short holiday on the isle of Sylt. The following starring-tour in Hamburg became a great theatre event, and he was cheered
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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 8/1950

1 Frankfurt: spring fair exhibition halls. Crowds. Bells in the Bell Tower. Heuss, accompanied by Mayor Kolb, goes through the exhibition. Pumps, tipper. Kleinstgarage. The French High Commissioner Francois Poncet and wife go through the[…]
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